I would like to submit my community content to be featured in Sam via Ubisoft Club app. My contents include:

• Real Life Maps of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which you can find the maps listed at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/w...AssassinsCreed

• Blog Posts by me at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/w...AssassinsCreed

• GIFs which you can find at https://giphy.com/channel/warrenwoodhouse

• Video Guides for various difficult missions, trophy guides, etc. available at https://youtube.com/user/warrenwoodhouse/playlists

• Fanart which is available at https://warrenwoodhouseartwork.tumblr.com/

• My entire list of created contents for Assassin’s Creed available at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/wiki/AssassinsCreed

• You can also find my submitted posts on Assassin’s Creed Council under the username WWoodhouse

• You can find my photo mode photos available on respective Assassin’s Creed titles via Ubisoft Club and also available in individual photo albums at https://warrenwoodhouse.fandom.com/w...kin=oasis#main

Please feel free to decide which of my contents you would like to be added to Sam’s index. Would greatly appreciate it.

Warm Regards,

Warren Woodhouse