Its time I updated some of you folks!

Rainbow Six 3 is still online on PC today. Several active servers and a very large Discord community with several thousand members. (R6 Siege too)

The discord invite is or Either or.

A lot of new content is out too, basically modernizing Rainbow Six 3 a bit. Some of it includes new weapons and camo, sights/scopes - iron sights and ADS. New tangos, new missions, new maps, better graphics, more destructibility, improved HD effects - and a lot more which is still being created to this day.

We have combined maps from Original Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, maps from the expansions like Urban Operations and Covert Ops, Athena Sword, Iron Wrath etc and all new custom maps!

The UPLAY or Steam or original Retail Version all will work with the multiplayer patch.
Feel free to post in #techsupport on the Discord or ask me here if you have any questions.

Sorry if the forums dont resize the images to fit properly...