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    Idea for new knight hero

    Frontline Crusher

    Weapons: mace (not chained like conquer's mace; mace with solid head connected to solid hilt) and Arming swor

    Starter armor: heavy plate armor like lawbringer but done from more pieces, caped, cowered with blod and rust, helmet looking similary to Fendral's (Warden) helmet but made from one piece with bigger wisor (going do bottom end of helmet)

    Class: Hybrid

    Can be played as male and famale.

    - Death end: light, light, heavy, light
    - Unstoppeble: heavy, heavy, light
    - Rage: heavy, light, heavy
    - Twin smack: sprint+heavy (not available in guard mode)
    - alternative Twin smack: dodge forward+heavy (in guard mode)
    - Rotating slash: dodge side + light (cannot be dodge)
    - Hatred swell: heavy, light, dodge forward+heavy (last attack cannot be blocked)
    - Head smack: light, heavy+guard break (last attack cannot be blocked, last attack makes enemies fall on theirs back)
    - Don't get up: (if enemy is on theirs back) heavy
    - Kick: move forward+guard break
    - In the leg: move backward+guard break
    - Trust: move forward+light (cannot be blocked and parried)
    - Neck opener: move forward+ heavy (cannot be blocked and parried)
    - Payday: if enemy parried you attack preas ,,guard break" to kick him back or light atack to strike from side that is not protected

    - Heavy attack ending combination cannot be blocked
    - Heavy attack are uninterruptible


    * 1 level:

    -Bounty hunter [passive]
    -Body count [passive]
    -Don't stop (unique) - moves little faster (7,5%), deal more damage (12,5%) and take more damage (17,5%)

    * 2 level:

    -Fiat lux [active]
    -Deadly [passive]
    -Juggernaut [active]

    * 3 level:

    -Second wind [acctive]
    -Builted up Rage (unique) - deal more damage (20%), for you and nearby teammates [active]
    -Pugno Mortis [active]

    * 4 level:
    -Catapult [active]
    -Morale booster [active]
    -One purpose (unique) - the lover hp is the more damage you deal and tmore defense you have [passive]

    Executoins (only tree for example):
    - Brutal kick - smack enemy in the left leg with mace, he strugles into left, throw him into his front, stand next to lying, kick him from above his head, brutaly break his neck
    - Chase - enemy is traing to run, run after him, slash his legs from back side, enemy is droping on the knees, smack him from above your head with mace
    - Fast and effective - slash belly of enemy, smack left arm of enemy to force him to go on knees, trust sword into his cheast, pull it out and with spin hit enemy with mace

    Hp: 100
    Stamina: 90

    I don't have any concept art. becose I am relly bad in drawing.
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    100 health seems really low, and 90 stamina means he'd run out of stamina extremely fast
    him/her being a hybrid should have at least 120-130 hp and 120 stamina
    the anti-parry mechanic seems broken, it's just like old lawbringer shove on block, annoying, hard to deal with and boring to fight against
    other than that, both trust and neck opener seem stupid, what are they sweeps ? not being able to parry those or block those is just a bad approach and a stupid one to say the least
    such attacks are overpowered and thinking so leads me to believe you are stuck in a bronze's mindset trying to get 1 or 2 hits on the spamming orochis that give you hell.

    thats my feedback, other stuff might be broken but im not looking over, if those weird moves are removed or reworked this would be a solid concept
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    your idea is good but whenever I try to play the game, it is saying COD Warzone Dev Error 6068 error on Windows 10.
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