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    Mephisto Coonstagram Glitch

    Playing on the PS4. Get to the part where the New Kid is supposed to take a selfie with Mitch Conner. Attempt to take the selfie, but just take a pic of the numbered list in the background and the top of the Coon's head. Pressing Circle to back out does nothing. Pausing or bringing up the menu screens does nothing. Restarting and loading at the last auto-save point ends up repeating this glitch all over again. I cannot advance the game from. Any solutions besides redoing everything on a previous manually saved file (which I haven't tried but I fear that even if I did, the results would be the same)??
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    Hello A_Halverson,

    Thank you for reporting this to us, we're sorry to hear that this has been your experience with the game.

    The first thing we would advise is clearing your consoles cache, and rebuilding the database. You can do this through the troubleshooting steps in the support article here.
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    Dr mephistos lab coonstagram glitch

    When I was supposed to take up a cost a gram picture with Mitch Connors plan for success poster poster I did What I was supposed to to complete the objective. After that, i was supposed to go the third level switch, but I wasnt able to becuase my character was floating. He was able to move and all, but he was able to go off screen (i.e. walking untill he wasnt visable on the screen any more). I am Playing this on a PC. if someone is playing this on the PC, please reply.
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