Suit up and prepare to assault a small Vietcong hide out on the banks of a river deep in the Vietnamese jungle. Assisted by friendly infantry and close air support there is no excuse for failure, and no reason for prisoners.

Push across the tall grass field into the tree line, with multiple squads and close air support, any Vietcong resistance will surely be outgunned.

Move through the river bed and watch for entrenched VC positions

The village might look small but a cunning enemy can make the most of a tiny area, watch your back.

Those Hueys aren't just for transport, put their firepower to use!

Thank you for reading and/or playing. I greatly utilize feedback and would appreciate other ideas for future maps. If you happen to make a gameplay video please send me it or drop it in this thread, I enjoy watching players experience my maps. If you enjoyed consider checking out my other maps, I have made many more maps on the Vietnam War but also do some other sweet maps.

Player Notes:

Playing in the Editor the Objective Markers work fine and appear one after another, however in the Arcade they all spawn at the beginning, simply just get in the helicopter right away and you should be able to figure out the rest. I often play my maps with HUD completely off, and I find this the best way to experience the map, but do whatever I won't tell players how to play my map.