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    I don't mean this offensively. But how is this your favorite fight in the game?

    45 seconds of hiding behind the obstacle it spawned you next to.
    Leaning to the side to drop the "elite" wolves that are waddling toward you in a straight line with no regards to cover/suppressing fire/tactics of any kind, with a short burst of fire.
    Popping up to shoot 4 glowing green lights that are circling a mostly stationary object.

    It's a pathetic joke of an encounter.
    Games 20 years old have more advanced enemy AI. Children's games on abcmouse.com have depth and complexity.
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    its my fav fight because I fought walker? ;p

    hehe, on a serious note. Its a good fight for me because unlike the rest of the gunfights, it requires more than a headshot to kill him.
    nothing drastic or anything but at least it makes you think why the heck the guy is healing while you are putting holes in him.

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    Another run out of the mill raid.

    It sure feels different going in instead of staying out far in safety and sniping any heads that popped into view.

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