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    Space Monkey Program not working

    Hi guys,

    When I tried to register with the Space Monkey Program, it always stuck at Email Confirmation process. There is no button for me to confirm my email address, it just shows my address and that's it.

    Ideas? I want to join the program.

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    Hey there,

    Try to clear cache on your browser and please try again, it should work
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    Originally Posted by UBI-Zuzu Go to original post
    Hey there,

    Try to clear cache on your browser and please try again, it should work
    It does not work in any browser, even tried on phone.
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    Best to use google chrome. If that's not what you are using.
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    Space monkey Programme not working

    Hello All,

    Same issue for me too

    It's not letting me confirm the email address, I tried as suggested to clear the history etc and different browsers but still no joy.

    Can someone please help?
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    Hey! Have you tried using your phone browser and disconnecting from the Wi-FI? Sometimes using the phone while only on the data plan can sort this out.
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    Hi, same problem for me, not working on chrome and edge on 2 PC, and not working too on my smartphone
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    Still not able to join

    Hi guys

    The same thing has hapened to me too. Can someone please help me. I tried doing everything that was said it didn't work. I'd really like to join if it is still open
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    November, problem still exist.
    Found this in my Ubisoft Profile in "Beta Applications".
    Clicked on the PC icon, and now its like it wants me to confirm an email, but this email is never send.
    In firefox theres an endless "Please Wait" + "Email Confirmation , make sure you use correct email , your current email : xxxx@xxx.xx"
    Google, same text after i click "pc" agan, but without the "Please Wait"
    Would also like to Join
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