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    Can't get accepted to frontiersmen club

    Hello, I've recently started playing the ACIIIR, aiming to earn the platinum. I've just reached sequence 7 and I wanted to do do the tier 1 frontiersmen club challenges before meeting Washington. So I went to the frontier and discovered all the 3 shops, however the frontiersmen club does not accept me (it requires to find 1 frontier trading post). The shops appear on the map as not visited,but the fast tavel points nearby are unlocked. I've tried getting in and out of the shops, buying and selling items, sending convoys from inside, fast travelling back and forth but nothing works. I've read elsewhere that the not-visited-shop bug is just "cosmetic" (they only appear on the map that way, when they are in fact unlocked) but it seems to cause serious issues in my case. Are there any solutions found about this?
    Thank youin advance.
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    I'm not sure that you must be invited to frontiersmen club. In the three other clubs, yes, I heard it, but frontiersmen?
    Ok, I read a little bit. Frontiersmen invitations are not clear. One wrote you have to reveal the frontier map (a special amount, not all). The other wrote what you said: you need to find 1 frontier trading post. Then it's the question, whether this really means shops. A third meaning is, that there is no requirement to be accepted by the frontieresmen club. Just do a mission.
    So first question is: Can you do a frontiersmen mission? Then the challenges will be available. The missions are displayed on the map in frontier. Its a triangle symbol, I think it should be a tent. If you don't have these symbols in frontier, then try to do exploring the map. Or just wait. I didn't have any problems with the frontiersmen. It should be available in sequence 5.
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    Thank you ver much for your reply. You are right. I explored more the frontier and after some time I recived the invitation. I think I had to talk to some frontiersmen to unlock it.
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