As someone with about 2500 hours on Rocksmith 2014 I have long been wanting an advanced option to change pitch up or down for both your guitar and songs.
It would make a perfect feature for the next Rocksmith so that you don't have to take time to tune or don't want to spend few hundred [currency of your choice] for a pitch pedal like I did. What's more, the in-game pedal/option shouldn't be restricted with intervals of half steps, but rather free pitch control, for example 1/100 of a step.
Same with the ability to change a pitch of any song up or down. When screwing around in Unity engine, I find that the pitch control brings new life to old songs that I have been listening and learned in Rocksmith.
I do not know how hard such a feature is to implement for input devices, as in real time pitch shifting. I know such pedals exists and Rocksmith has some emulators like the Octave pedal, so I imagine that it isn't impossible.
At least the ability to increase the song track speed from 100%, since many songs have great sections but unfortunately they are too slow to be a challenge.
I would appreciate if this suggestion would be at least considered by the development team.