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    Settlers 7 - Multiplayer with history edition and legacy editions


    does anyone know if it is possible to play multiplayer matches in Settlers 7 if I have the gold edition and my friend owns the history edition?
    I can't add him to my contacts, and he does not find my match in the public server browser.
    If he invites me, I get an uPlay invitation, but I cant accept it. It just redirects me to the uPlay shop to buy the history edition.

    Did they split the already tiny userbase with a new invite system? Can only history edition players play together?

    Thanks for your help!
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    The sad truth seems like history- and legacy-editions can not play together, which in my opinion, is a poor decision from Ubisoft.
    Even more depressing is that I have to join a random multiplayer session and ask players for their experience to get this information.

    Ubisoft moderators read this post and copied it into the history edition forum, but did not bother answering it. Either because they don't feel like checking my question, or because they're embarrassed that Ubisoft is selling the same game again with a new incompatible invite system
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