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    Question about Mission 5 in 'Echoes Through the Animus'

    Seems it seems likely I'll never be able to check for myself thanks to the game constantly crashing (GRR GRR etc), I'm just going to ask others who can probably check this.

    The current event, 'Echoes Through the Animus', had a tease at the end of Mission 5 about a forthcoming character. Previously it was Edward Kenway, who was eventually added in the disastrous 2.8.0 update (see my rants about the constant crashes).

    Is is still Edward Kenway, or has it been updated with a new character?

    ...seriously, I'd check myself but I can't finish Mission 3 without the game crashing. Endlessly frustrating.
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    Hi,darthmarsden,how are you?
    Yes,The character in the final scene of Mission 5 in 'Echoes Through the Animus' is still Edward Kenway

    Echo's Through The Animus All Difficulties Live Stream - Assassin's Creed Rebellion

    You can check this from dear player "Charlieb17" 's currently live streaming

    Wait for The Mask of Ibis Helix Rift Event on May 27
    Coming soon!

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    Still Edward? Pfft. Well that's just lazy.

    Thanks for that Mamilaris.
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    You're welcome
    What I am most curious about is who will be the bonus heroes at the May 27, The Mask of Ibis Helix Rift Event?
    Because the Map 5 part of The Mask of İbis Helix Rift Event is hard on GrandMaster difficulty.

    Treasure Chests are in very difficult places, especially the characters with high Agility are required to access the required Treasure Chests and to open these treasure chests, the characters with high Attack Points are essential, or the characters with Lockpick feature

    When you try to climb up with a low-agility character (5% probability) for the first chest, you already lose -25% Health points, and then you have to jump across or attack the enemy, which will be quite challenging
    Look at the locations of these treasure chests on the map, There are traps and pretty strong enemies all around

    I hope this is Jean Bonus hero on The Mask of Ibis map