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    Micro freezing. Please help!

    Hey there,

    I just downloaded the game and when I tried jumping into my old save the game would crash every time a couple of seconds into the game. I was able to fix that through validating the game files (In fact it did find some corrupted files for some reason).

    NOW, the problem is, that I have micro freezing during gameplay. The game runs completely stable at the highest settings but randomly it completely freezes for a split second. I will attach a screenshot to this post. Any help is very much appreciated

    Kind regards,

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    The latest graphic drivers are installed!
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    Hey ChrisDeanANZ,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Have you tried disabling background apps and lowering the graphic settings slightly to see if it has an impact?
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    I had the same problem. High End Machine and one second freezes. Here is the solution: In the ingame options set the refresh rate of your monitor, but set a frame limit of 60. Then the freezes should not appear anmymore. I tried to raise the limit to 90 fps, but the freezes reappeared.
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    i have the problems since i updated the newest nvidia driver. lowering the graphic doesn´t work...
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    Was fine before latest Nvidia driver (451.48) unfortunately I had other problems with that so dont want to roll back.
    But Limiting FPS in game to 45 mostly fixes it for me, silly when it was running 60+ before without any problem.
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