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    Leveling up too fast?

    So I started origins less than a week ago (playing 2-3 hours a day), I知 barely out of Alexandria just going through the two zones south of it and I知 already level 21. Everything in the game is telling me I知 just getting started (no spoilers but just reached Sais). I知 not sure if it痴 because my playing style is clearing every zone and ticking off quests and side quests methodically or That it痴 about to get harder to level up but I知 wondering if anyone else had the same experience.
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    I suggest to turn on enemy leveling from settings. I think the leveling is designed for people not doing everything in the map like discovering locations, side quests etc. I had the same problem at the start.
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    Scale opponent to your level, way more fun. If you do all sidequests you'll have to. Go to options.
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    Hello Avigailcjm,

    Welcome to the forums! As others have stated, I would recommend changing your game difficulty/level scaling in the options menu. That way, you can adjust the gameplay to be more challenging if you wish.
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    My experience with the game is that it is much more fun to take it slow and enjoy the game. Once you really start to understand the game dynamics it will get easier. Then, once you complete everything, the second time will be even more fun. I started the game with easy mode, then I went to normal mode. Normal mode was very fun. Once I added the add ons, it became even more fun. Now, I'm at hard mode.
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