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    Anno 1800 Season Pass 2, not working

    long story short, I bought the Anno 1800 season pass 1 and 2 one day for the total of around 300kr equivalent to roughly 45€. I was excited to play them afterwards and I noticed nothing was wrong. I then looked my game in games tab on uplay and it said I could buy the season pass 2 AGAIN even though I have all the including dlcs paid for and installed. I thought this was probably just a bug, but I had to check in-game. and look at what I've found. it says bright harvest and land of lions aren't available and that I can buy them, even though I already own them. I cannot access these days. I contacted the ubisoft team first in an online conversation, to no end. the guy helping me misunderstood or didn't read my comments at all and it was to no end the entire thing. oh, sure I'll just send a support ticket. no. I've been waiting for a response for 2 weeks now and I do understand the pressure in these times but the response I got was, "our Anno 1800 team has found and fixed the issue" sure enough it WASN'T. I tried sending back a ticket but of course, I could not access the page as it was endless. log in, infinite loading screen. try again. same thing. I don't know what to do, I have receipts screenshots. maybe it's easier if I just got the DLC keys so that I can access them.

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    Hi lars_holmen_ped,

    Thank you for contacting us, apologies for any confusion that has arisen with the support team.

    Bright Harvest and Land of Lions have not been released yet, which is why they are not available yet in-game for you.

    Seat of Power went live on March 24th, so you should have have access to that content.
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