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    No daily loggin for AC Odyssey

    PC, SAMSUNG s10 Plus.
    Got a notification on my phone for daily loggin but after clicking on it and going into sam it disappeared
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    same problem here

    Same here also an Samsung s10,no daily login message from sam in the club app for whatever game I used to get them before.
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    Same problem, oneplus 6, no daily login message. When i go to Sam it's not availebel
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    PC and using a pixel 3a. At least I'm not alone.
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    Same here trying to get axe for odyssey and daily log in wont work hope they fix the problem
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    It's very annoying

    Not get daily gifts on ps4 from my huawei mate 20 lite
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    No daily login or sam's axe

    I have mobile device: samsung galaxy s8+ and pc gaming laptop acer nitro. I did not get an email sent to me and it's not unlocking any axe.
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    No rewards for my account on odyssey too

    I want the axe and my rewards lmaoplz help
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    No Sam Axe Daily Bonus

    Xbox One Assassins Creed Odyssey
    Samsung Galaxy S9

    Not going to lie loving the game but Sam's got aways to go before it gets any praises.
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    Same here on Xbox one & Kyocera Commander2
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