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    I know this game is going to be amazing and I can hardly wait for it, but I'm a little iffy on the futuristic aspect to the game. I liked how it was just set in the past and the story took place there but then this came about. I don't think its going to ruin it or anything just a thought.
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    cant be too upset by something we know very little about
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    Wait and see, you never know you might like it.
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    Oh, I have no doubt I'll like it, its just that every game now'a days seems to add in a sci fi element, it would have been nice to see a game move away from that.
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    Originally posted by Muffmoney:
    its just that every game now'a days seems to add in a sci fi element,
    they do? O.o
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    Muffmoney: I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed when I first heard about the futuristic elements, as well.

    However, it's evident that the majority of the game will be set in 1191. The very beginning and perhaps the end will be set in the future, but it's all for the sake of storytelling.

    I personally like surprises, and I'm down for seeing how Ubi handles the story (see my other thread for my theory).

    I think the futuristic elements are what's going to make it a plausible trilogy. There's only so much you can do in 1191 - perhaps the story will drive the sequels further.

    I also agree with MasterNeilson, we'll just have to wait and see. You may be pleasantly surprised!
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    lol cod 4
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    The story, it's kinda like a conspiracy, something similar to the DaVince Code.

    This is a source from Wikipedia.

    On September 28, 2006, in an interview with IGN, Jade Raymond confirmed that Altaïr is "a medieval hitman with a mysterious past" and that he is not a time traveler.

    On December 13, 2006, in an interview with IGN, Kristen Bell talked about the plot. According to the interview, the plot centres on genetic memory and a corporation looking for descendants of an assassin.

    Assassin's Creed is set in AD 1191, when the Third Crusade was tearing the Holy Land apart. Shrouded in secrecy and feared for their ruthlessness, the Assassins intend to stop the hostilities by suppressing both sides of the conflict. Players, assuming the role of the main character, will have the power to throw their immediate environment into chaos and to shape events during this pivotal moment in history.

    The story follows Altaïr, a disgraced master assassin who embarks on a quest to restore his status within the Assassin Order. After failing to assassinate the Templar leader Robert de Sable and recover the legendary Templar Treasure, Altaïr is demoted to Uninitiated (the lowest rank in the Assassin Order).

    But Sinan, leader of the Assassins, offers him an opportunity to redeem himself. Altaïr must venture out into the Holy Land and assassinate men said to be exacerbating and exploiting the hostilities created by the Third Crusade. In doing so, he will stabilize the region, allowing Sinan to usher in an age of peace.

    When the game begins, Richard the Lionheart has just recaptured the port city of Acre from occupying Saracens. With a base of operations established, the Crusaders prepare to march south. Their true target is Jerusalem – which they intend to recapture in the name of the Church. However, Saladin, leader of the Saracen army, currently rules the city. Stinging from his army's defeat at Acre, he will not allow Richard to humiliate him again. The Saracens are massing at the ruins of Fortress Arsuf, intending to ambush the Crusaders and prevent them from reaching Jerusalem.

    These war maneuvers have left the rest of the Holy Land wide open. While Richard and Saladin battle one another, the men left to govern in their stead have begun taking advantage of their newfound positions of power. Exploitation, manipulation, and provocation rule the day. It is in this chaotic mess that Altaïr now finds himself. He is ordered to eliminate those most active in their exploitation. This is how the Assassin begins his mission.

    Along the way, however, he will begin to discover that his targets are bound by more than just a shared interest in personal gain. They share membership in a secret society familiar to the Hashshashin. And they are not simply looking for profit. Their true goal and how they plan to achieve it leads to a modern-day conspiracy with secrets to be discovered during the course of the story.

    So maybe thats what the futuristic side of the storys all about, your a decendant of the Hashshashin sect, or Altair, and it's up to your to stop this mysterious group in the future from their sinister plans.

    But in the first installment of Assassin's Creed, you play as Altair and it slowly comes to you that someone ( possibly a decendant of Altair) is acessing Altairs genetic memory to find out the secrets from the mysterious group in the past and stop them in the future. If that makes any sense.
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    Did you guys get that.^
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    master neilson you posted most of what i was going to say
    i think thats what happens
    the dude acessing altair's memory is and assassin in the year 2021
    if im right everyone owes me money
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