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    Remaster Ghost Recon legacy as a collection

    I'm sure I'm not the only person that would love to purchase and play a 4k remastered collection of Ghost Recon titles all the way up to Ghost Recon 2 or even GRAW2. It feels like there is a distinct lack in the tactical MilSim experience these games and the classic Rainbow 6 titles provided. Hoping others may jump onto this to voice support and maybe someone that can influence decisions at Ubisoft will take this under advisement and do this for us. Should take a small amount of effort to improve graphical effects and add achievements/ trophies.
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    Please do this

    nearly everyone on my friends list came from GRAW and GRAW2,
    I know every single one of them would buy a remastered version of
    these classics instead of having to play the recent efforts of what they're
    sticking the ghost recon label on these days.
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    Ubi-Karl's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Oct 2018
    Hey guys,

    Thank you very much for sharing your suggestion regarding classic Ghost Recon titles and I will ensure that this gets forwarded to our team accordingly.

    Should you have any other suggestions/feedback or require assistance, feel free to get in touch at any time!
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    Thanks ubi karl , fingers crossed they listen
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    Definitely the best action game
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    GRAW2 is still active in 2020 Xbox one , lobbies up everyday

    20 second nasty squad wipe on Shoreline map

    My sniper montage from few months ago
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    I would buy a remaster 2001 ghost recon so fast

    I would love if ubisoft remastered or even re made the original ghost recon or one of the other versions will be nice too but the original was a classic such a wonderful game I still play today on the 360 with my girlfriend haha it needs to come backk
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