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    TRUE FAN Achievement

    Hello, I'm an old player of Trials 2: SE and after years I'm been playing I write here to get the "TRUE FAN" in-game achievement. I'm not sure how this achievement was originally obtainable, but nowadays the game is old and I guess that all changed. I really need that achievement since I am collecting all of them (or at least trying) and I see no reasons why I should't get it only because the game is old. This is my game profile: http://trials2se.redlynx.com/Profile...sp&name=yhouse. Hope to get answer, thank you!
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    Hey yhousoft, sorry for the late reply. Please don't bump threads in the future - I've deleted your subsequent posts that served to do this as they added no additional details and only served to cloud the topic.

    Regarding the "True Fan" achievement, this was an achievement granted manually by staff to those community members who had contributed something substantial to the Trials 2 community. Regrettably, it is not an achievement that support staff are able to grant, so I would recommend checking in with one of our community team here on the forums to see if it is still possible.
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    Hello Woofer, thank you for the response, and I'm sorry for my bumps, I won't do it anymore. Can you help me to contact someone who can tell me more about it and help to get it? Thanks a lot.
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