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    Thesis...Hate it...Want to play.

    My head is about to explode. I've been writing up a thesis for most of the last two months and I do not have a positive result yet. I have not slept two days at all and decided to relax with my favorite game for a bit because with the amount of information whirling about my head right now there is nooo way.

    I've started thinking about giving this task to someone else who is more professional in this field to save my five and keep my nervous health. I can't think about anything else, only about the thesis, and the importance of this paper, and why I must write it, and all information I must include and all requirements I must follow.

    Can someone help me? Just some advice and it will be ok))
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    Hi. How is it going with your thesis? Have you already completed it? Maybe you can try to hire some services or ask your friends who study with you at university to help you to write thesis. What is the topic? Try to concentrate on writing something that is based on research. You can find a lot of information online as well as different publications that had thesises of other people who have already written about this.
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    I've already heard about edusson. I've seen them here. I have been already looking for some services to hire. Will take a look. We had a quarantine so passing thesis will be in October. I have time to complete it.
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