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    silent hunter 3 won't launch with window's 10

    silent hunter 3 will not up load with window's 10
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    did you get this resolved?
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    Same Win10 failure to start.

    Eventually goes to black screen in it's "environment". Meaning the environment is setup and active but program stops working. Need to end program via task manager.

    I see that they added an (only) to the system minimal and recommended systems it runs on. I guess that is a half-aaa way of saying Win7 and above it won't work on.

    "OS:Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP (only)"

    I see there is a developer written fix circulating but haven't investigated it yet. It spec's out Steam Fix as search term.

    Good Luck. Post if you get it working or your failures also so others will know what to expect.

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    Hi jrregan,

    Apologies for our delayed response.

    What you could try, if you haven't already, is running in compatibility mode which can help for titles that do not support Windows 10.

    You can do this through the steps in the guide here
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    JRREAGAN, a solution for your problem that actually works is only two rows beneath your topic here in the same forum:
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