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    Disable in-game music

    Hello Fellows!

    I've been playing the game Mario + Rabbids Kingdoms Battle, and really love the game overall, BUT!

    I'm going mildly insane after playing for an hour, as the music is so high pitched, doll and very few soundtracks makes me quit..

    I've contacted to support, only to get a message stating, the option isn't there - du'h!

    As I cannot return my product, I would like to know, if I somehow can remove the music files from the game entirely????

    Best regards
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    Hi FurnicK! I apologize for the late reply, I needed to ask around to see if this is possible. I'm afraid it is not possible. I did pass your request for an option to turn off the music to the dev team, we keep player feedback on file. I can't say if anything will ever come of it but it's always good to inform them of player wants and needs.

    Happy gaming to you!
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    I agree with the music. What I do is simply mute my device and listen to music on my phone, but I guess it doesn't entirely resolve the problem.
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