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    DVD device not reading the game discs when starting the game.

    Been a LONG time since I fired up Myst 3 Exile. It worked before, but, I uninstalled the program for some lame reason last year. Now, under a new install (several to be more exact) program installs ok (both Typical and Full) and the program now asks for Disc one (or Disc two depending on the setup) to start play. DVD just sits there and so does the screen.....waiting.

    Everything else on this XP system works well. I even run AutoCad 12 on it perfectly. Just can't seem to figure out why the very well taken care of discs are not being read by the program. I did that directx suggestion and have the text file is it's needed. I've done pretty much everything found on the internet to get this to work. I really like the game.

    I realize this isn't much information to help ya, but right now, stuck in Michigan, it's all I have. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Further, it MUST be the drive because Riven, which has never moved from my system since it's install back when dirt was invented, can't be read either.
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    Well, since I can't seem to figure out how to edit my previous posting, I'll say that Number one son said it must be something else. So, I'll shut up and wait for you all. thanks a bunch!
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    First, to edit a post, log in, click on the "+" in the box at the lower right corner of the post, then click on Edit Post.


    -- Are you certain that there are no scratches, smudges, etc., on either disc?

    -- Are you trying to start the game from the disc, or with the desktop Start icon?

    -- Does your DVD drive read other non-game discs?

    -- Have you updated or re-installed the DVD driver(s)?
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