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    NGD: Vox Mini Superbeetle


    Picked this little puppy up after going a couple of years without finding an amp that I can play at home that I like, and I can do small bar gigs if I wanted to.

    Packed with a Celestion speaker, this hybrid amp can get pretty loud. It's got tons of sweet tone too. I play a lot of that Beck/Clapton overdriven style blues rock so it's nice to get that kind of tone without killing mine or the neighbours ears, nor killing my pocket book. You have the option of running two cabinets with this sucker so I might get a second for some more coverage if it's harder to gig with. Since it is a hybrid amp using the Vox/Korg collaborated NuTube technology, it's not as loud as a full on valve amp, but it's still pretty mighty. I have yet to actually set it to the 50 watt setting and turn the volume up. I like the sound I'm getting out of my Ibanez with it too, though I still have a hate relationship with my neck pickup.
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    HNGD DSgamer !!

    It's a beauty !

    (I've edited my post because I felt I was derailing the thread)
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    If you had a Fender Super Reverb from 40 years ago today, it'd probably be worth a small fortune to the guys who like those vintage amps.
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