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    No problem

    Thanks for this.

    I am sure this will be a great help to those who encountered bugs.

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    Welcome, all. That's the purpose of this board!

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    Credited you in the Community Help Forum and supplied a link.

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    Wow, Thanks.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    I put Sally.idx and the Senele Transmitter game in and now all my games say Hanger - 1 to Hanger - 5.
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    That's strange, it doesn't do that for me (anymore). I have seen that when I overwrote the BGE.exe with a fixed one though. Maybe that happens when the info stored in both files doesn't match.

    Can you still load the savegame though? It doesn't matter that it's not in the "Hanger". You need slot4.sav, and load the last one in the batch on the screen. It does seem to work for other people.

    I have been able to load games where the save location didn't match the info stored in my exe. If you can load it at all, save it right away in the same spot, and it will show the correct location and time.

    If it causes problems, just put your old sally.idx back in (keep the savegame of course)and see if that works better.

    Let me know please.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.

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    I didn't back it up.....I'll just start my game over. How do I delete all those saved games?
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    It is useful once in a while to read the instructions and follow them. (hate to say it, but told you so!)

    Something you may want to try is to copy all 5 savegames (They're all from within the same game), and see if you can access them then.

    If you don't want to bother, you don't need to erase the savegames to start a new game. If you want to be rid of them, just overwrite every slot when you get to Pey'j's workshop the first time.

    G-2b, playing the fast game.
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    *Copies Thread To Community Technical Help
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    Hi all,

    Darkroom FAQ

    What is the Darkroom?

    The Beyond Good & Evil Darkroom is a restricted area where you'll find exclusive content, challenge the best players in the world and even continue the adventure begun in Beyond Good & Evil.

    How do you enter the Darkroom?

    It's very simple: you just need to be a Ubi.com member. If you can post on the boards you can already access the Darkroom!

    How does it work?

    Each time you save a game (regardless of the platform), you are given an "Internet Code". Enter your Internet Code in the Darkroom to join the <span class="ev_code_RED">"Most Wanted"</span> list: the global ranking of the best BG&E players in the world. You can always improve your score and enter a new Internet Code to move up the ranks and join the elite BGE players.

    Exclusive content

    For those who can't play BG&E yet, the Darkroom offers a wide range of exclusive artworks, videos and e-goodies. More are in the way!

    And more...

    This is not the end of it. The Darkroom has yet to unveil all its secrets. You'll find a very special "Missions" area... But more about that later

    You may want to read this FAQ before you start a new topic.
    After all, Why wait for an answer to a new posting if the answer may already be here.

    <font color=FF0000>The Beyond Good & Evil PC DEMO can be found here</font>

    <font color=FF0000>Save Files for bypassing bugs (Key,Crash,ect.) can be found here</font>

    <font color=FF0000>Walkthroughs can be found here</font>

    <font color=FF0000>The Beyond Good & Evil Soundtrack can be found here</font>

    1. How do I move the hovercraft?
    Read the Mdisk in the workshop. Then push the big generator to the end of the dock. After entering the hovercraft, use the same direction buttons that you used for Jade.

    2. Where is this place?
    Use the compass function when in the hovercraft (=same as buddy action button) and look around. The names of the locations will show up at the bottom of the screen.
    * Black Island and the factory are at the top of your map.
    * The 3rd race and the slaughterhouse are at the bottom of your map. You'll need the jump kit to cross the laser barrier at the lighthouse.

    3. Pey'j keeps whining about PA1s.
    Give him one by opening your inventory and pointing at one. Click the action button to take it. Move the arrow to Pey'j. Click again to drop it. You can also do this with health food items. Don't forget to take all the PA1s back from Pey'j just before you go up the large elevator in the Nutripills factory. You'll understand why shortly thereafter.

    4. I cannot get out of the factory. I need a second fuse.
    . Go back to the generator room where you found the first fuse. The second fuse is at the back of the generator.
    . If you did take the 2nd fuse and it disappeared from your inventory, see BUGS section.

    5. Where do I find the codes for the Beluga?
    Open your inventory and point the arrow to the jet boots. Use the info button that shows at the right bottom corner of the screen, not the action button. Use your controller to move the shoes around. The codes are on the bottom of the shoes.

    6. Mammago's garage doesn't have the stabilizer.
    It will become available later in the game, when you have visited IRIS after the slaughterhouse mission.

    + In many locations,
    getting seen is instant death. Instead of fighting, try sneaking by the guards.

    + I keep getting killed! The boss fight on BLACK ISLAND.
    Use jet boot attack as soon as the monster appears. That allows Jade to close in and beat him up with all she has. When the monster starts flying and if close enough, beat him as he comes out or when he goes in the hole.
    When in the air, use super-attack to hit him in the face just before the green flames reach Jade, and as often as possible thereafter. When Pey'j cries "He's weakening", you need only one more hit to finish the fight.

    + I keep getting killed! The REAPER fight.
    1. take a picture as soon as you can get into camera mode.
    2. When you get out of picture mode, run forward and hit him with all you have. Hell jump away.
    3. Just before he lands, switch to camera mode, and start shooting disks. Hell jump again.
    4. a. If he jumps to a different ledge (remains in distance view), just follow him with the camera and keep shooting disks at him as fast as you can. If you are late, hell shoot green fireballs at you. One will always hit you if you dont move before they get to you, so move sideways a little bit to avoid them or keep shooting for extra damage and take a small hit yourself.
    4.b. If you get a view from above during a jump, hell jump towards you and will land right on top of you and hit you hard. Run away - any direction will do - and switch to camera view just before he lands, and start shooting. If you are close enough to hit his eye, but just far enough that he cant hit you, you do more damage and hell jump away immediately. If you are a bit further away, hell just freeze. Switch out of camera mode, run forward and hit him as fast as you can.
    5. After youve hit him enough times, hell stumble and jump towards the middle of the ramp and fall down in the water. Once you get the pattern of switching views correct, you can finish him off in just about 1 minute.

    + I keep getting killed! The FACTORY ENDBOSS fight.
    Jade needs to go to the leg with the largest Domz growth and hit it. Use HH super-attack and he will hit the leg at the other side. It doesn't matter who goes first, but HH and Jade need to work closely together so that the second attack happens when one of the legs is already in the air. When that happens, the monster will fall down, and the cage will open. Switch to camera mode and shoot a disk at the pearl. Switch back to normal view. You need to hit the pearl 3 times to end the fight.

    + I keep getting killed! Getting past the MINING-BOT to enter the slaughterhouse.
    Wait near the fence until the floating droid is between you and the tunnel. Push the pedal to the metal and drive through the center circle of light a bit off-center (dead center, the torpedo will drop right on top of you). Keep speeding into the tunnel and go close by the sticky defense mine. The torpedo will blow up that mine. Repeat 3 times in all. The last one will be a close call, just slam the hovercraft into the wall to the right of the last mine.

    + I keep getting killed! The TRACTOR BEAM.
    You need to shoot with target lock at those lights that light up red on his tail end. The configuration of his defenses and the lights that you need to shoot at will change 8 times before this part is over. The center lights where the laser beams come from aren't lighted all the time. You can't hit them when you see the beams, so you have only a fairly narrow window of time to target and shoot them when they come on. Make sure you look at both sides of the ship to make sure you get them all. As long as the configuration remains the same, you missed at least one light.

    + I keep getting killed! The SPIDERBUG ENDFIGHT on Selene.
    1. Kill the sarcophagi. Use super-attack as much as possible. Once they're gone, Spiderbug moves forward. Use super-attack to hit it.
    2. Pey'J is taken. Use HH super-attack to throw the Pey'j clones at the crystal spikes. Kill any sarcophagi that show up. Once there is an opening in the crystal barrier, throw a Pey'j clone at Spiderbug. HH is taken.
    3. 1-on-1 Part1. Spiderbug always attacks in the same pattern. You need to complete the pattern only once without getting hit to move on. The pattern is: Left - back - right - left - back - right - above - front - right.
    When Spiderbug appears above, you can: a/. dodge and attack again b/. super-attack: no margin for error, but very effective if you get it right. Make sure that after the sideways movement, you take your hand of the move keys and start charging the super attack right away. Fire as soon as you glow. If you keep a move button activated, Jade will keep moving in that direction, and you won't be charged up by the time he hits you. c/. switch to camera mode, fire a disk,and switch back to normal mode. Requires some fast pushing of buttons, but also very effective.
    4. Kill the HH clones and the sarcophagi. If you use super-attack well, Spiderbug will not be able to hit you.
    5. The controls are reversed. With PC, you can turn the keyboard upside down and play the arrows instead of WASD. Kill the sarcophagi.
    6. 1-on-1 Part2. The new pattern is: Left - right - left - right - above - right ?- back? - above? - front?.
    The second half of this second pattern (after "above") changes from game to game, and even within the same game. Quick reaction is key to success. Again, you need to complete the pattern only once without getting hit to end the game.

    1. Where do I find the code for the cabinet in the Akuda Bar?

    Log in at Ubisoft's Darkroom and enter the save game Internet code. When you have enough pictures and pearls, you will be invited to take an online mission. When you complete that mission, you will receive the code.
    2. Can't you just give me the code?
    No. The codes are different for every new game you start.
    3. She won't give me the code to get out of the Slaughterhouse.
    That means your mission isn't finished yet. You need to get all 3 pictures for the report before you can leave this area.

    1. How can I know where to find them?

    Buy the pearl detector at Ming-Tzu's and look on your map. When you highlight "Pearls", you will see pearls on the map wherever they are still available.2. A complete list of pearls and where to get them:
    1. Domz Lighthouse Monster
    2. Domz Sea Serpent
    3. Looters Bounty (Looters Cavern 1)
    4. Science Center : Film of Animals 2
    5. Victory in the Disk Game (Akuda Bar)
    6. Rufus Booty (Akuda Bar)
    7. Science Center : Film of Animals 3
    8. Race 1 Victory
    9. Race 2 Victory
    10. Domz Pterolimax (End of Black Isle Mines)
    11. Science Center : Film of Animals 4
    12. Pearl Crochax (Vorax Lair, behind Mammago Garage)
    13. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Shed)
    14. Bought from Nouri
    15. Bought from Ming-Tzu
    16. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (From Transit)
    17. Science Center : Film of Animals 5
    18. Looters Booty (Looters Cavern 2)
    19. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (Factory - Lab)
    20. DomZ Robot at the Factory (Nutripills Factory - Boss)
    21. DomZ Torture Machine (Nutripills Factory)
    22. Reaper (Nutripills Factory)
    23-27. Hillyans' Donations (after factory)
    28. Science Center : Film of Animals 6
    29-38. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (star key)
    39 - 41. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (forbidden channel)
    42 - 44. Alpha Sections HQ (Barred area in the Pedestrian Sector)
    45. Victory in the Disk Game (After the Slaughterhouse)
    46. Bought from Nouri (After the Nutripills Factory)
    47. Bought from Ming-Tsu (After the Nutripills Factory)
    48. Taken back fromt he Alpha Sections (Eastwing)
    49. Looters Booty (Looters Cavern 3)
    50. DomZ Sea Serpent (After the Slaughterhouse)
    51. Looters Booty (Looters Cavern 4)
    52. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Trolley area)
    53 - 64. Hillyans Donations (Collected from IRIS)
    65. Taken back from the Alpha Sections ( crate in main canal)
    66. Bought from Ming-Tzu (Post-Slaughterhouse)
    67 - 69. Taken back from the Alpha Sections (Triangle door)
    70. Taken Back from the Alpha Sections (North Wing)
    71. Race 3 Victory
    72. Race 4 Victory
    73. DomZ Sea Serpent (With Beluga)
    74 - 88. Volcano Crochax (Volcanos Treasure)

    1. Where are they?

    Buy the animal detector at Ming-Tzu's and look on your map. When you highlight "Animals", you will see a little paw on the map wherever new animals are still hidden.
    2. I can't find that last animal, and it's not on my map.
    The last animal is not on Hillys. You'll see it when you use the stellar motor for the first time.
    3. I see a little paw on the map in the room where Pey'j disappeared. Nothing is there.
    You forgot to take a picture of the Domz Sarcophagi when you fought them there. They will appear again in the slaughterhouse. Don't forget this time!.

    A list of all the species and their locations in Hillys, and how much the Science Center pays. Species are listed in the same order as on Mdisk #8.

    1. Canis Canis 100 Dog (Woof) in Lighthouse
    2. Aedes Raymanis 800 Mosquito in the Nutripills Laboratory.
    3. Rattus Giganteus 200 Black rats, in many dungeons.
    4. Amoeba Polypodia 750 Black Isle Mines, behind crochax ramp.
    5. Anemonia Mutabilis 500 Large purple anemones in dungeons (Black Isle)
    6. Timorea Saponifera 800 Little soap bubble creature in the slaughterhouse.
    7. Cyclopeus Palustris 500 Reaper in the Nutripills factory.
    8. Priodontes Campestris 150 Field Armadillos near Lighthouse and at Black Island entrance.
    9. Adalia Octopunctata 200 Flying bug in Lighthouse, Black Island entrance.
    10. Rhinocerous Sapiens 300 Rhino guys in Mammago Garage.
    11. Megaptera Anaerobia 800 Space-whale, encased in ice.
    12. Palinurus Rupestris 900 Pincer monsters on Black Island, in Vorax liar.
    13. Cyanea Urtica 700 jellyfish creatures.
    14. Larus Albus 400 Seagulls near lighthouse and Black Island dock.
    15. Koi Kumonryu 300 Aquarium fish in Ming-Tzu's shop.
    16. Lampyris Campestris 300 Fireflies by Tree at nigh near Lighthouse, also in Black Island mine.
    17. Helix Rupestris 500 Giant snail in Black Isle Mines, near giant sponge.
    18. Anguilla Bifida 600 Water snake in Slaughterhouse.
    19. Megaptera Borealis 2000 Giant whale behind the Lighthouse.
    20. Pelagia Pachydermis 800 Mutated jellyfish in Black Island and Vorax Liar.
    21. Nautilus Fluoreus 500 Flying nautilus in the Black Isle Mines.
    22. Crochax Velox 1000 Flying enemies, multiple locations.
    23. Vorax Nocturnus 500 Flying blue enemies, at night near lighthouse, also at factory entrance.
    24. Blabera Gregaria 700 Small insects found in empty cabinets (shed and factory closet).
    25. Ignis Ignifera 700 Little flame creature in ventilation area of Slaughterhouse
    26. Teratosaurus Imperator 2000 Domz near Mammago Garage, also in Cave near Black Island
    27. Aurelia Magnificens 500 Jelly creature in the Volcanos Treasure.
    28. Trilobites Saltans 1100 Stingray crawling around at the Slaughterhouse entrance, later in fight.
    29. Arachnis Viridis 350 Green spiders near Peys jet boots and in Pedestrian district.
    30. Pterolimax Gigantea 3000 Black Isle Mines endboss.
    31. Rascax Caeruleus 300 Blue scorpion fish outside of the Garage area, also close to Black Island.
    32. Dipneustes Trilineatus 400 Fish in Lighthouse Hangar and near control room in Nutripills factory.
    33. Musca Saprophagia 150 Green flies found all over Hillys. (Kick the lighthouse kitchen barrel next to the fridge.)
    34. Planaria Rupestris 500 Flying creature in Black Isle Mines (kick electric box after jumping down the platform)
    35. Lycoperdon Fugiferus 400 Orange balloon creatures in various dungeons.
    36. Sarcophagus Domzii 900 Sarcophagus Domz in various dungeons.
    37. Taurus Sapiens 350 Bull bartender at Akuda Bar
    38. Astacus Erectus 400 Plated animals in pipe in Black Isle Mines, and other locations.
    39. Amoeba Saltans 500 Green amoeba in the Slaughterhouse.
    40. Carcharodon Sapiens 400 Francis and Rufus in the Akuda Bar
    41. Rattus Albus 750 White rat. Nutripills factory, also in underground Alfa HQ, near the crochax.
    42. Bufo Erectus 450 Frogs outside of Vorax Lair, at slaughterhouse entrance.
    43. Papilio Pilosus 300 Pink Slug on a ledge at the mines entrance
    44. Lutra Erectra 1000 Otter on top of Lighthouse, after destruction on ledge in the 2nd bedroom.
    45. Macropodia Omnivora 400 Biting worms found outside dungeons (surveillance room, Alpha underground quarters).
    46. Homo Sapiens 150 Lighthouse children, town people, Double-H, ...
    47. Megaptera Purpurea 2200 Giant whale behind the Black Isle.
    48. Manta Cyanea 700 Manta Ray that flies over Hillys.
    49. Sus Sapiens 600 Pey'j
    50. Alicia Splendens 300 Waving tentacles found on walls of caves
    51. Manta Magnificens 850 Manta Ray that flies around Lighthouse.
    52. Felis Sapiens 400 Mei in the Iris HQ.
    53. Walrus Sapiens 300 Walrus people (shopkeeper in Ming-Tzus shop, also in Pedestrian District.)
    54. Aquilus Sapiens 300 Birdman selling newspapers in Pedestrian District.
    55. Capra Sapiens 350 Goat-children in Lighthouse, adult in Akuda Bar room
    56. Spongus Gluanteus 500 Giant sponge at the bottom of Black Isle Mines.

    <a name="saves"><font color=FF0000>SAVEGAMES for Ubisoft's "Beyond Good and Evil." </font></a>


    WARNING about the Official BG&E Patch V1.01
    If you do not have problems in the unpatched game, do NOT install the patch.

    The Official BG&E patch was created for processors that do not support SSE (Streaming SIMD Extensions).
    If your system supports SSE, do not install this Patch.

    To verify if your system supports SSE, open settingsapplication.exe in your BGAE game directory, click the "advanced settings" tab, check the "manual compatibility settings" box and click the "autodetect" button. If your system supports SSE, the checkbox will be marked and you need NOT install the patch.

    If it turns out that you installed the patch on a system that does support SSE, un- and re-installing the game without patching may resolve all your problems. (No promises on that, but it's worth a try. It worked for me.)
    Your save games from the patched game will not be recognized by the unpatched game.

    Something else to consider:
    The game file (sally_clean.bf) weighs in at well over 2.2GB on your HD. If your HD is too fragmented, this could lead to read and write errors, which in turn could lead to one of the many bugs that have been reported. If you experience any other bugs than the ones listed here, this is probably your best bet to overcome the problem. As long as you reinstall in the same version (unpatched/patched) you will be able to use your savegames again.

    If you do experience problems, it might be helpful to uninstall and then run scandisk and defrag before you (re-)install this game.

    BUG TROUBLES for the PC version:
    A listing of the most common bugs:
    1. Mammago's garage: I can't buy the cannon. (use savegame #1)
    2. Factory exit: my 2nd fuse has disappeared. (use savegame #2)
    3. Mammago's garage: I can't buy the jump kit. (use savegame #2)
    4. Slaughterhouse: No-key-drop after the 3-robot fight and/or crash to desktop on exiting that room. (use savegame #3)
    5. Exit slaughterhouse: Pearl disappears, doors remain closed. (use savegame #4)
    6. Selene cloister: on return from the crypt, Pey'j or HH have disappeared. (use savegame #5)
    (Bugs #4 and 6 are reported to occur only in the patched game. )

    7. HH or Pey'j disappears elsewhere in the game.
    This is something that can occur at anytime if you run away too fast and too far from your buddy. HH may even tell you at times "D.B.U.T.T. Don't Break Up The Team." Don't say he didn't warn you if you kept going anyway.
    In the patched game, you can use Rahly's Bug FIX to overcome this. There is no fix for the unpatched game. The only thing you can do there is to load an earlier savegame when you were still together.

    8. Don't paint yourself into a corner.
    Surveillance room: get up on the gate before you moved the hovercraft, and shoot a disk at the button to make the gate go up. Run to the other side of the gate and go into the ventilation room. When you come back, the gate is down, you cannot shoot the button from where you are and HH cannot push it for you. You're stuck. Don't do it.

    After the fight with the trilobites, you go up and through an electric barrier. HH needs to push the button for you to shut it off. It is possible from there to retrace your steps back into that room, but HH won't be with you anymore. You can't go up, and you can't go back. You're stuck. Don't do it.

    9. Take a trip into outer space.
    9.a. In race2, if you go fast enough in the triple turn you can ride up against the wall and suddenly you're in outer space.
    9.b. In the lighthouse, with the barrier switched on, walk to the edge of the extended arm, and take a running jump back towards the lighthouse. You can fall into space. (reported by kanderton) No details on what arm, or exact location.

    10. Other programming glitches:
    10.a. In the IRIS Den, after you received the star key, Mei is sitting on thin air. She's sitting where Hahn stood during your first visit, but there's nothing there to support her.
    10.b. In Transit, if you allow yourself to be transported downstream by some of the belts, you will stop moving just short of the red laser barrier that blocks the exit, but the belt is still moving under your feet.
    10.c. In Transit, if you jump down the belt on top of one of those huge ice-cream barrels, you'll go right through the lid and end up inside it. You can walk out through the side without problem, but once out completely, you can't get back inside.
    10.d. At Black Isle, keep crashing and jumping against the rocks with your hovercraft. You might be able to get inside a cave. The bad things is that there's nothing inside and you can't get out...(reported by Speedcraftmotor) No info available on exact location.
    If you know any more, let me know. I'll post them and give you credit.

    ONLY for the patched game:
    Use the Bug FIX by Rahly or his unofficial patch for the patched game or his savegame editor.

    Copy them into the game directory where you have your savegames and run them from there.
    If that still does not work for you, check the savegames below.


    I am trying to find out which bugs are caused by the patch, and which ones occur in both unpatched and patched versions.
    When you download a savegame, I would appreciate it if you would add a response to this topic, stating which savegame you downloaded for what version. That will give us some statistics as to frequency of each bug. Thanks.


    1. Mammago's garage, just bought the neutralizing cannon.
    2. Mammago's Garage. Bypasses the "lost 2nd fuse" and the "Can't buy the jump kit" bugs.
    3. Surveillance Room, just after the No-Key-Drop bug and "Central Hall Crash" bug.
    4. Mammago's garage.Bypasses the "All doors remain closed" Bug.
    5. Selene Transmitter Entrance, after rescuing Pey'j.
    6. Sally.idx This file registers the saved games on your load screen.

    You can download all 5 savegames and sally.idx at once with these zipfiles: (about 2.3MB each)

    Saves for Unpatched Game

    Saves for Patched Game

    My thanks to Djnogg
    for making these files available on the Ubisoft servers. This way they will still be available for BGAE fans if I ever move and have to give up my current server.

    <a name="walks"><font color=FF0000>WALKTHROUGHS for Ubisoft's "Beyond Good and Evil." </font></a>

    These are links to complete spoilers for this game. Read them at your own risk. A walkthrough may be helpful when you get stuck, but is spoils the fun of discovery that is an important part of the game. As far as I know, the game is the same on PC and different platforms. The controllers are different of course, and that may cause some difficulty when talking buttons and keys.

    PS2 Walkthrough The top of this page asks you to pay to download a pdf format file, but you can read the html-format for free by clicking the links at the lower part of the page.
    Gamecube Walkthrough Several are listed on this page.
    PC Walkthrough Khyron's work. Quite complete, although some updates are in order. If you are playing the game for the first time, read this walkthrough!
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