1. Add rappelling from helicopters
Reason: it looks badass, it’s common in military, and it’ll make it interesting cuz no other game out there does it except old Splinter Cell games and it adds a bit of edge to a Splinter Cell experience.

2. Smoke bombs that can be thrown and actually provide cover for you or a friend when playing together in which the enemies think you vanished
Reason: We’re talking about ghosts here.

3. Make ghillie suit masks
Reason: you make ghillie suit pants and tops, but no mask? I look ridiculous with wearing a boonie hat and face paint with the suit. It doesn’t look right.

Reason: Remember the second mission in Splinter Cell Blacklist when Sam used the “hook” when Briggs had to extract Sam with the chopper while being shot at by the hacked drone? THAT WAS EPIC! How bout that for playing online with other players? It’ll make it interesting and more of a group activity

5. Make flares that have different colors through out the map you can find and eventually craft and unlocked with skill points! How about flares that can be shot or held by hand?

Reason: it would look cool, it can be used as a distraction to enemies, adding more elements of stealth to the game, and players can use them to mark where to have a buddy land a chopper for an extraction OR mark an area for a buddy who’s using a chopper, providing cover from the air, to shoot rockets at or fire a barrage of bullets with machine guns attached to the helicopter.