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    Hasn't worked since I think tu9 dropped. I get it every time I go their.
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    I just started playing again, and unfortunately it is still not working.
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    Yeah, this has never worked for me (I've been to that location at least twice for the mission and dozens of times for bounties), and I've also confirmed it's broken in a friend's world. I'm surprised something like this would persist for so long! It really does make me worry a bit about what's going on in the development team. If for some weird reason it's really hard to fix, could we at least get a blog entry about it?
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    Hello everyone, and my sincerest apologies for the belated response here. I've let the teams know that the Downtown West rope is still not working for you all in hopes the teams can pinpoint a solution to this error. We'll keep updating this thread with any details we have about this.
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    Still not working. Just a heads up.
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