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    Everyone delete and uninstall this trash game.

    Ubisoft doesn't deserve it. They do nothing to fix it. The ranked system is so ****** up. Cheaters get by with what they are doing and when the get caught, they are back with no penalties. Its utter trash and everyone should delete it. **** Ubisoft.
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    I just uninstalled it myself. So tired of all the cheating that is going on in this game and nothing being done about it. And I don't just mean hackers. Deranking on purpose to play against people who are lower ranked is a form of cheating and if you want to argue that fact, you are part of the problem. But for the sake of that argument, let's explore as to why intentional deranking is cheating. Player A is a Platinum 2 player consistently. Player A intentionally deranks down to bronze or copper where the skill level is WAY different that platinum. Player A is able to boost his/her stats by racking up kill after kill to boost his/her KD ratio. Meanwhile, Player B who is a normal bronze or copper player loses joy in the game because of Player A. Player B get frustrated and is dead a majority of the match because of Player A and therefor, is unable to learn and adapt to the game to get better. Now let's say Player A has a friend, Player C, who is a normal bronze or copper player. Player A deranks to play with Player C and the same outcome happens to Player B. Player C then gets boosted to make it look like he/she is a better player than they actually are and they aren't learning anything because Player A is doing all the work. Now, let's say Player C is under the 1000 mmr threshold to play with Player A. That means there is a platinum player playing with a low silver player. This still makes no sense because it takes the averages of all the team members and put the platinum player in a match against high silvers or low golds. The skill gap is still too huge to make the system fair.

    Overall, this game is garbage, Ubisoft is garbage, and everyone needs to stop spending money on this piece of **** and uninstall the game in hopes that it dies or some other better gaming company buys out the title.
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