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    The fact that this thread is 4 years old means they have no intention of getting to the root of this issue. I can't add my number either.
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    I cannot add any Danish phone number on my account.
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    I have this issue as well. Seems that Ubisoft is full of inept people who can't even get this to work right. If the issue is with this "third party provider" maybe you should fire them and get one that is actually able to do their job. Or better yet why not just sue the standard QR Image or entry code for for the Google Authenticator to work like so many other sites do? Also why is it my phone number is acceptable for orders from your shop, but its not for 2FA? That seem pretty bunk.
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    Add me to the list as well with same issue.
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    So Ubisoft, any new apologies to share? I mean, We know you certainly ain't working on fixing this issues that has been going on for years now. It's a pretty standard thing this 2FA. Actually a lot has already implemented 3FA. As suggested by so many other frustrated users, why don't you sack whomever is in charge of this part of your business. They are obviously not doing what they are supposed to.

    Regards and angry and frustrated user.
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    I am in the same boat as well - "This phone number cannot be associated with your account. Please use another one." This has been occurring for over a year. I have created two separate support tickets and neither have been any help. They just tell me to try again later but I have been trying periodically over the past year and it never works. I even went so far as to get an additional phone number and it still won't let me add it to my account.
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    Unfortunately they use a third party for their SMS system and if that system flags a number as suspicious, then it seems you are SoL with the matter. There is no way around it unless they use some other measures to get the txt msgs out.
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    Phone number keeps getting rejected for 2FA

    I guess I will just add to the thread that appears to have zero resolutions. My number as has many others was rejected. My support ticket from a few months ago was a worthless generic response. My number works with Steam just fine and multiple other online accounts including all my banking. Since my first support ticket several months ago our family has spent close to $800 USD on games all on Steam. That stinks as Ubisoft has a lot of games we would love to play but until I can secure my account better forget it.
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    Hello everyone. I'm sorry for any trouble that this has caused, and will forward up each individuals feedback regarding not being able to attach a phone number to your Ubisoft account. Please know that if you are unable to set up 2-Step Verification with a phone number, you can set it up with an email, to further secure your account.
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    Posting just so people can see that there's one more to add to the list. Never mind the others that probably aren't posting.

    Normally, I don't get too bothered by minor inconvenience and wouldn't post anything inflammatory or rude, but to read that there is no solution is just incomprehensible. It's not a manned mission to Mars. Pick up the phone and call someone in charge and ask them to fix the problem.
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