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    Offline TH

    Could we possibly have some sort of offline option for TH? Sometimes my connection gets buggy and I find it annoying to wait when I need to practice. It's even worse when the servers act up. What's so dangerous about allowing players to play TH offline without gaining renown? Also, is Ubisoft looking to implement this? If so, what's the progress?
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    Considering we've been asking for OFFLINE support for for TH since the game launched in December 2015, I would say Ubisoft doesn't really give a crap.

    Search around these forums, it's one of the features that was constantly requested throughout the years.

    At some point in time Ubisoft removed the renown gains from lone wolf TH. We asked again for offline support and again they ignored us.

    The lesson to be learned is to stop giving them money, maybe that way they will listen and stop implementing this garbage "always online" DRM in most of their games.

    "Always online" DRM is also the reason i didn't even touch the latest Ghost Recon and just decided to stick to Wildlands(as Wildlands does also work offline) . Seems like I made a very good call on that one
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    Once Ready or Not comes out, this kiddie special forces game with SAS fighting other SAS is gonna get put 6 feet under. Ubisoft is trash.
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