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    looking for a team to get better with

    Hi, my name is Jakob

    Region: na

    I'm quite a new player to rainbow so I'm looking for anybody, people with or without experience, I myself started basically halfway through ember rises and I'm not familiar with most location callouts but I'm hoping to learn more along my way. I'm only level 63 and am in bronze 4, I'm pretty sure I'm in a slump but hoping to get back out of it. hope you consider it. ages preferably 11 or 12 above.


    You can contact me at either
    -my email:jdombrow2007@gmail.com
    or -my discord:jakob#0148 (preferably discord)
    (DISCORD CHANGE : its.aqua(jakob)#0148
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    im interested

    Im 12 and a level 65 and play with one person ever and i want a person to play with drop your gamertag and we can play.
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    Im around your age and would love to go on this journey
    discord is SuppressYT#2868
    Gamertag is SuppressYout
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    my gamertag is its.aqua
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    ok i added you on discord
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    just add me on discord too
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    what region are you?
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