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    the hd-evo-fusion quest for all platinum


    i am playing trials hd with the big pack and big thrills, trials evolution with paine island and big sands, and trials fusion with the six episodes from the season pass. my goal is to get all platinum medals. i am playing offline, since i have no access to the internet at home. this has the advantage for me of competing with just myself, focusing on the medals only and not on the times, which are not saved. so a platinum means, as it were, 'perfect', with no need to improve any more, since it would not show in the game menus anyway.

    missing platinum medals (363/372):

    trials hd (111/117):
    - world championship;
    - ultimate league;
    - the midnight club;
    - fantasy cup;
    - big thrills countdown;
    - nervous breakdown;

    trials evolution (143/145):
    - maximum pain;
    - rage quit;

    trials fusion (109/110):
    - way of the machine;

    - 'test your might' was fun. i began improving slowly, with many fault counts being in the twenties. it would lower slowly, until i saw a 9, then it went down really fast. with it within my reach i found myself faulting first at the end of inferno, and beginning the way of the ninja with only 1 fault. my heart then was beating incredibly fast, which made me fault much, but i still got the medal.
    - 'world championship': i faulted on the last track (trials and tribulations), right at the last checkpoint. again high heartbeat was the cause. i paused there for some time, and when i decided to go for it i gave too little gas, tripped, and fell flat on the finish line. it was the third time the medal eluded me by the smallest of margins. i am having sort of an emotional relationship with this tournament.
    - 'inferno iv' was fun. it was, surprisingly, not too hard -- having had done, and gained experience in, other extremes, that is.

    it would be nice to hear from you the others, with similar goals. or, to hear about your experience having reached those goals, for instance the medals that were the hardest for you to get and your general strategy, such as trying it a few times every day, never restarting the track or tournament on faulting.

    i wonder how many people are in the 360 and 370 clubs. few would be in the latter, as for instance, back then at least, only about fifty persons 'perfected' hd.
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    i now am online, and despite being fond of offline have tried my hand at some top times, finding out that top 50s for tournaments are within my grasp, but i am lacking the motivation to reach them.

    a characteristic trait of mine is, as some pros do, being legit in underground, and not dumping in the deliveries.

    interestingly, girlfriend has played some too, and has took a liking to playing in front of me with me coaching her. she impresses me with her skill, learning, and determination; that, especially by being the first person i know to have that trials drive. 'the fault count is infinitely more important than time', i sometimes am reminding her. she appreciates my advice as regards the approach to difficult obstacles. she seems to share with me the appreciation of the charm and atmosphere of hd. it is a great surprise for me that she took such a liking to the game.

    more to come when i will have earned some of the elusive medals.

    i have just ranked 45 on proving grounds trying to reach top 100, and with the run immediately after that i missed, because of the end of dangerous ride, what conservatively was a 20s rank; that, even though i am lacking in crucial parts and that, in each level. i have to stop somewhere obviously, and one of the advantages of playing offline definitely is that it was easy for me to just stop after earning the medal.

    i might just try to concentrate on registering those medals again, and if someday i have all of them then i might, if i have the motivation, go back to select events and register top times. the only thing i know is that i am not considering myself a top player, and that the best ones are miles away, in terms of skill, from where i am right now.


    edit: correction -- it seems that hd has 141 events and fusion (when counting the last dlc) 140, which would total 426 medals. so this thread would be about the '426 club' -- a term that apparently never before has been used.
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    The motivation for me to get the remaining medals has been lacking. Current status:

    missing platinum medals (417/426):
    Trials HD (135/141):
    - World Championship;
    - Ultimate League;
    - the Midnight Club;
    - Fantasy Cup;
    - Big Thrills Countdown;
    - Nervous Breakdown;
    Trials Evolution (143/145):
    - Maximum Pain;
    - Rage Quit;
    Trials Fusion (139/140):
    - Way of the Machine.
    Next on my list would be Way of the Machine. However, rather than to tackle it -- spending hours negotiating the same obstacles -- I've been playing Ninja tracks in the Fusion Track Central. I have favourited about two hundred level 1 and level 2 tracks, and am seeking to improve my skill through those, perhaps to get back to the medals later and with some ease and pleasure.

    It would be interesting to hear from you, if you too are on this quest.
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    At last! all is done concerning Trials Fusion, at least as far as I am concerned.

    My skills have really improved lately, thanks to ninja tracks. And Way of the Machine went from intimidating to something I could tackle with relative ease. That even got me a standing first place in the rare Ultimate Endurance II tournament, which is composed of, in this order, Eye of the Storm, Inferno IV, Devil's Beak, Way of the Machine, Deluge, Charred Remains, Robot Wasteland, and Meteorain.

    I am sharing with the community the tracks that helped me progress -- the content of my favorites in Track Central, that is. Therein only lies the tracks that I liked the most and that I succeeded in passing.

    To each their own, but this might serve as reference for the low-level ninja:

    AGENT H3X:
    - Among the Pines
    - Blossom
    - Bubble Gum
    - Century BW
    - Feng Shui
    - Glacial Tension
    - Hazel
    - Perennial
    - Reflux
    - Skipper BW
    - Son of a Box
    APeX VIRU5:
    - Cluttered
    - Mountster Climb
    - Refrigeration
    - Tomfoolery
    - Yellow Fever
    - [Cc] Will's Climb
    - Afternoon Shower
    - Decompose
    - Distillation
    - Downtown Drizzle
    - Frigid Pines
    - Frosted Flakes
    - Heat of the Knight(NJ)
    - Heating Up
    - Hushwood
    - Koral Kontrol
    - Pluviophobia
    - Recovery Point
    - Renegade of Rust
    - Savage Ascent
    - Trraavesty
    - White Tops(Ninja)
    - Woodhurst
    CouPaIn GoTiEr:
    - Buccaneer
    - Chiapas
    - Donoma [NJ]
    - Intricate
    - Muddy
    - Sedonia
    - Talweg
    - Mauerpark
    - Penelope
    - Chutes & Ladders
    - Conduit
    - Diverse
    - Space Race
    - Town Stroller [R]
    - # Dark Hill
    - # Dunvegan Castle [E]
    - # Himalaya
    - # Mount Hogan
    - # Tian Chaja
    - Gintama
    - Sasquatch
    - Summit
    - [fM] 12 Different Things
    - [fM] Carpe Diem
    G SatchmO:
    - ~Red-Way~
    - Deep Blizzard
    - Fel Valley [HmS]
    - Fractal Nature
    - Rust Valley
    - [HmS] Archaic Wasteland
    - [HmS] Icy Lookout
    - [HmS] Pelagic
    Haarmes & Papasmur:
    - Blue Haze
    - Swamp Ascend
    - Derailed
    - Pirates-Gold
    - Cold Legs Hot Hands
    - Cursed Wood
    - Fortis Hieme
    - Palantius
    - Silvarum
    - Train Station
    IXI Satch IXI:
    - ..Prime Climb
    - Spare Parts
    - Spare Parts 3
    - Abstract
    - Back-Wheel-of-Steel
    - Blue Weaver
    - Cough & Cringe(R)
    - Dreadfort
    - Equinox
    - Forged
    - Ignant(R)
    - Royal Blues
    - Test Subject
    - Thou Shall Zero Fault
    - Trance
    - Heber's Hopyard
    - The Struggle
    - Flash!
    - Forest Settlement Ninja
    - Hellhole
    - Inclimb
    - Scoot
    - Six-hundred feet under
    - Space Cows
    - Zenith
    - Sol myrkvi
    - Dark Park [K95]
    l ProfHojo l:
    - [HJ] Feywood
    - [HJ] Hallowed Manor
    - [HJ] Hastur
    - Grassy [NJ]
    ll KATIN ll:
    - Elviriã NJ
    - Sand Punk
    - Honbu Dojo
    - Shadow Dimension
    - Vadstena
    - Orange tower
    - Stargazer EZ
    - Beyond the Tree Tops
    - Gotei Gakusei
    - Bad Wounds
    - Immaterial
    - Stiffening
    - surveillance 397
    - Crack of Dawn [7]
    - Blue Tower
    - Gaze
    - Mount Defecation
    - Tunritha*
    Storm PsykoZ:
    - SP- Frostspark
    - SP- Vertical
    - Meca
    - Dynamite's Ride
    - Caem
    - Flight 401
    - Phantasm
    - Citizen
    - Electro Samson
    - Lolsmonkey
    - PBJ & Baseball Bats
    - Rainbow Road
    - Trailer Trash
    - Trees on a Wooder
    Trraav & ZZZZZZach:
    - Stagefright
    - Restriction
    - Appalachia
    - Altair
    - Castle Lake
    - Crosstown Capital
    - Dormant
    - Elegy
    - Precipitation
    - Splendor
    - Weirwood
    (Thanks to Calculusman1084 for his help in digging up the name of some track builders.)

    (It has been a while since the first draft of this post: I have kept playing and now have gold or better in all those tracks except two, and that includes one because impossible but perhaps for the illustrious cream.)
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    I am now back to HD, and am surprised at how well my Fusion skills are translating into HD ones. That actually is merely Trials skill, would I say.

    What is more, my fiancée has got back to it too, and said that, in my translation, she likes it because it makes her use a part of her brain that she would not be using.

    She has spent almost half an hour on the ramp in the hard tutorial -- until having achieved relative proficiency in the art of bunny-hopping. I wanted her to move on so as not to get bored, but she was determined and persisted until being astonished at her new skills and very happy.

    Returning to me as subject, I learned that custom tracks can be downloaded within Evo. In highest rated are the classic Cough & Cringe by Murdoc Loch and the awesome Clutch's Mountain by li Shayne il. It took me a few tries to pass the latter, but that was well worth it.

    Concerning HD, World Championship is now done. That has not been overly difficult since I had practised the tracks much individually.

    That is it for now.
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    It has been only a week, but four more medals down, the ones remaining being Nervous Breakdown, Maximum Pain, and Rage Quit -- three fun tournaments, as I am picturing it.

    It is awesome that there are no more long tournaments to be dealt with, but then again with some serious ninja experience, there is nothing to be greatly feared.

    I am very happy with my skill progression.
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    I now have the remaining medals.

    Nervous Breakdown and Maximum Pain felt rather easy, especially the former, and that, perhaps due to my experience with HD.

    Then, for Rage Quit I hesitated over whether to use the Phoenix or the Banshee. I ended up opting for the Phoenix because I faulted less with it. That tournament felt harder than the two others.

    My general recommendation for achieving all platinum is to gain experience by passing and practising the above ninja tracks.

    Please share your own experience towards the 436 medals, too!
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    thanks, love your reviews.

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    So you too are in the 426-medals club, and are wondering what to do next? Passing ninjas, then.

    But alternatively indeed, the Evolution Micro-Donkey medals. 'Gold medals?' No: platinum ones.

    (shimihiko has built some interesting Evo tracks for that bike, such as Climb and Inferno 3.)

    None of the skill games allowing the MD and Gigatrack for obvious reasons being left out, 99 are offered: an opportunity for broadening one's skill set.

    So that would be the 426–99 club. In it I currently am the only one -- thanks to my fiancée for her encouragement, which I needed at the end.
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