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    Yeah I do decent at most tracks (I don't really play Ninja tracks as im not that good at them I like good Flowing Medium - Hard track !
    Anyways i do want to get building solid Drive Line track without physics
    But I might break this track back down and have everything stay on drive line so less animations and make it so the whole track shows up in replays and it shouldn't look all glitchy even tho it don't play out like that im also taking out a lot of the finish so people don't get dizzy an add some more to the track so thinking the finish could be a portal to next part ( your actually moving quite fast through this N1L8E track even tho it don't look like it)

    The one thing I can't seem to figure out is why my finish camera breaks down or changes any ideas ?
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    I'm not sure what it was supposed to do so it's hard to say.
    I like the med - hard tracks too. I've got gold on all the extreems and unlocked the ninjas, and while I like a challenge, I'm not really into spending an hour on the same checkpoint.
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