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    STR8T BLAZIN Custom Tracks

    My entry is uploaded it's called
    N1L8E Holidaze in Space
    Been awhile since I've made tracks
    Can't wait to see what changes in replay !
    Hope you all enjoy any feedback welcome .
    There may be an egg somewhere just visually .
    If you hit 11:59 or less on custom clock at finish it you should beat the 40 second diamond 39.999 delayed .016 interval tick !
    Ill be watching peoples replays to figure things out . hopefully everything works right.
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    Everything seems to run fairly smooth on my Xbox One !
    But I did notice many changes in my replay ( glitched replay ) I was curious about this if this would happen so I changed certain glued or combine sets to see what worked and what didn't ( to see what changed in replay whether or not i had -reset after disabled- on or off )
    Curious if this runs good on other cross platform systems ?
    Or had problems with it on xbox ?
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    I will give it a go later on and let you know buddy.
    I run on PC. I watch as many replays as I can. It's a good way to get "feedback" and see how people actually run things as opposed to how you think they will.
    I've seen weird things in replays. Animated object aren't always visible and some things only animate first time through a checkpoint.
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    Hey Blazin,
    Trippy track for sure.
    After throwing up three or four times I rather liked it.
    Didn't really get the ending though. For a 12 or 13 second run there was kind of a long time at the end gate that did confuse me a bit. (I wasn't sure if there was something I was missing or not). The first couple of runs I accidently reset because I thought I was stuck there.
    The world rotation and animations seem pretty smooth to me though, and the eggs were kinda funny. I really liked the look of it too.
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    Yeah maybe i should have cut a some time off ending animation maybe right after the spin ended i wanted to try something a little different .
    I notice replays ( especially on other systems besides xbox ) looks like the track is bouncing (wobble) against each other and wondered if its doing that while playing it on PC or just on replay ?
    It never did any of that when i had it in the editor !
    Funny how half the track is invisible or non moving in replay and finish cam breaks down even tho it worked fine while playing .
    I also put secondary timer (shoulda made it 1000ths like i was going to )at finish so you'd know if you beat your time before watching finish animation to save yourself from motion sickness 😄
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    I'm grinin'. All in all I think it's just fine.
    Those glitchy movement are only in replays I think and with certain animated, maybe player controlled objects.
    Load up a decent time replay of my track "BadToTheBone" and when the rider gets to the far end of the ship, there is a Hover-Machine that the player has to fly and control. In replays you'll see it doing the same thing, the bike and rider seem to be in their correct positions but the hovercraft seems to jump around a bit. It doesn't do that thought during gameplay.
    I also had another track with animated sliding doors that in replays only animate the first time through them. After a reset to CP the rider seems to just pass through the closed door.
    Nothing that affects gameplay thank goodness, but just looks funny in replays.
    I never thought to look and see if it is different on various platforms.
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    Yeah that is strange i was just checking that out your track bad to the bone don't think i did too well i had some problems lol but I placed high
    Just wanted to make sure things worked properly before i try building anymore with physics or animations !
    If you notice the end of my track had a building I left saved for editing later has part of a non-physics track i started building in-on and most of my favorites list (just in case something happened ) !
    It's safer with TC than my HD
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    Oh yea, sorry, I wasn't suggesting to play that one but rather to just watch a replay (it was my first track and has a few "learned lessons" issues)
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    This games to great to just watch replays haha !
    I actually played most of your tracks I already had downloaded most of them a little awhile back when I searched your GT (i didn't mind checking them out
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    Funny, I just watched all your replays yesterday (before reading this) You're pretty good.
    You're right about playing though. I'm still a little new so I watch them mostly to learn what works for people and what doesn't.
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