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    A few hours after buying Ubisoft play I got a suspicious payment from France and it never told me it was Ubisoft so I froze my card and it then told me it was Ubisoft and now I cant change the payment method at all on my account. I deleted all the cards and when I go to buy Ubisoft plus again it only has the old payment method and if I press edit on that it says changes have been saved but it doesn't change.
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    Hello there TTx-Legendz, thank you for getting in contact with us. about your payment method and sorry about any confusion you may have experienced.

    All players can manage their payment methods by logging into their account on the Ubisoft Store and changing their Subscription Payment method under the 'My Subscriptions' option

    For now, only PayPal and Credit/Debit cards are available as payment methods. Pre-paid cards are not valid for subscriptions.

    As Ubisoft Support we are unable to manually change your payment method for you.

    If you are prevented from changing your payment method or any other details, please try the steps in our troubleshooting guides to see if you can set up the correct payment method instead >

    Browser troubleshooting for our Store website >

    Troubleshooting for the Ubisoft Connect launcher store pages > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000094617
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    cant change the country on mine and i think its stopping the signup, its stuck on UK. im not in the uk
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    Can you please stop give copy-pasted answers to useless articles and try to really help out on a very critical issue?

    There is NO WAY to change the payment method, both Website and Ubisoft Connect launcher says that the payment method has been change but the transaction of the Ubisoft + Subscription DOESN'T CHANGE.

    This is really the worst service I've ever seen.
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    Hello there Progressive1928.

    Sorry to hear you're unable to change payment method at the moment.

    The articles shared by Ubi-Milky are an essential step in diagnosing possible issues. This helps us to solve problems with the most common fixes, or rule out certain possibilities. If you've followed the steps provided in these links and are still encountering problems with changing your payment method, please get in touch via a support ticket.

    Our agents will be able to take a closer look at your account, after opening a ticket. Please be sure to let the team know which steps/articles you have followed so far.

    Feel free to let us know if you need any assistance creating a ticket, for if you have any further questions for us.
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