Credits go to my friend, Masud Zaheed, for his amazing concept art.

Please check out the reddit link where huge amount of interest has been shown -

Pitch - You have a history that is almost 2000 years old. Way before even before the Portuguese, Dutch and British invaded, Sri Lanka faced many invasions from India before colonisation. And it had its own internal turmoils as well. These all make for great storylines. There are also many supernatural elements and local legends that can be used to expand on the established lore of Assassin's Creed ( the ISU, Olympos Project,). Sri Lanka also has its own martial arts form called Angampora that would be a great skill levelling mechanism and add a new form of gameplay. There are many historical figures from Indian and Sinhalese Kings to the British Governors and rebel leaders who would make for compelling and interesting stories (

Maybe to cover all these timelines you don't even play as one single character but multiple ones throughout the centuries. It's a further new step in the direction that the franchise has taken. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the map of the country change as you play it through the game ? Players would be able to see the history of a nation shift and turn and finally gain independence. Sri Lanka has an indigenous community as well that could be utilised (

In terms of geography and map - The entire island nation of Sri Lanka could be explored. There is the famous Sigiriya rock fortress ( UNESCO heritage site ( and viewed as a wonder of the ancient world in it's own right. Imagine the battle scenes and political drama that could be played out. There is a huge diversity for players to explore from jungles, forests, beaches ( naval battles), open fields, mountain terrain and cities that will draw inspiration from traditional architecture to Victorian. Wildlife in the form of majestic elephants, leopards, crocodiles, peacocks and some legends even say that lions existed in Sri Lanka. (

In my humble opinion, instead of doing the major historical events, which undoubtedly are important and do get a lot of attention, a focus on an entirely unexplored chapter of the world could be a fresh breath. It would serve to educate that while the world's history unfolded, so did a tiny nation's journey from ancient into modernism, all the while holding on to its heritage, culture and fight for freedom ( assassin, chaos) against established order ( templar, order).

There are many talented individuals in Sri Lanka who would be honoured to work on such a project, myself included. Please do consider us