Hi everyone,

since I'm a radio presenter myself, I would really enjoy to have a radio station in bge2. There are two ideas of implementing such a thing:

1. Like in GTA, having a radio-button in a spaceship - maybe even as an upgrade for your spaceship
2. Like the news announcer in bge1 - everyone has a tv in this game where the news isviewed. How about having a radio standing around here and there. Sometimes running.

A program on the radio could be:
- music in general
- quest announcements (since there is the option of being an upgrade for spaceships)
- just comedy I guess?

Also a radio station could be a questarea. Maybe there is one more official "government"-radio and one for the space pirates?

Since I'm obviously not a native speaker - i would offer myself for a german version voice actor for this.

Ideas are welcome - let's discuss!