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    Patch Notes - April 2020


    The tenth patch for Trials Rising is upon us and we’re kind of excited about this one. This patch includes some new features or improvements that have long been on our wishlist. Some bigger, some smaller, all frequently requested by players. Let’s jump right in and see what’s new in Trials Rising’s April Patch, expected to release Wednesday, April 8th.


    Are you an apex Alpaca rider? Maybe you dominate on the Donkey. With the release of this patch, bike curious players will be able to compete across Trials Rising’s world of tracks on any available bike and save their time to bike-specific leaderboards. Bike leaderboards will be available on in-game Trials Tracks, Stadium Finals & Ninja Tracks for any bike that is available to ride. Bike leaderboards are accessed from track leaderboards under the BIKE tab. Bike leaderboards will only start to record entries after the patch is released, times made on different bikes prior to the patch will not appear on bike leaderboards.


    The thrill of competition is a big part of Trials Rising but sometimes you might just want to have some alone time on the track. With the new Disable Ghost option found in the Game Options menu, you can remove most ghosts from the single-player experience of Trials Rising. No ghosts on tracks, in loading screens or the results screens. There are a few exceptions: ghosts will still appear when playing Challengers, completing Contracts that require beating a ghost and in Stadium Finals.


    Sometimes you’re just not feeling it and want to move on to the next. If we’re talking about tracks in private multiplayer or songs on the soundtrack we’ve got two new options for you. In Private Multiplayer matches the host can skip the current track with the restart button and move on to the next track in the playlist.

    At nearly any point in the game, it’s also now possible to skip the current song playing. This can be done with a push of a button or through the pause menu. This feature also includes a new UI element that displays the name of the current song in the upper right corner of the screen. This element appears briefly when a new song starts and when first loading a new track.


    The collection of bike & rider gear available in Gear Crates is getting a lot larger. Up until now, Gear Crates have included around 25-30 customization items. The new gigafied Gear Crates have 167 different items to potentially pull from when opened.


    [ALL PLATFORMS]The order of bikes in the bike selection menu adjusted to move Helium & Donkey directly after the Mantis


    [ALL PLATFORMS] New stickers, including some created by and for Trials Elite players are available in Track Editor & Sticker Store

    Track Editor

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed an issue that caused icons to flicker when viewing the “Display” category in the decal tool

    Track Central

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Optimizations to track thumbnail loading

    In-Game Stores

    [ALL PLATFORMS] Fixed a connection error that occurred when trying to buy or sell certain customization items


    [PC] Adjusted behavior when the game window is not the active window on the desktop
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    The option to skip tracks in private multiplayer and to skip songs i'm really excited about. I would also really like to have the option to choose between either the track specific music playlist or use a custom playlist which could work for all the tracks.
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    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.
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    Very cool patch! Bike-specific leaderboard is probably the best addition to the game since launch. However, there are some tracks that are passable with alpaca/tandem but they're not enabled. What I suggest is that every bike should be enabled on every track, but there should be a label saying "Nobody has managed to beat this track on this bike in the office" with options "Cancel" or "Try it anyway".
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    Two things which I am missing and it would be great if they could be added in the future.

    1 - bike specific split times when racing a track, atm it only shows the ones from your pb run overall (options - game options - enable bike specific split times)
    2 - bike specific overall leaderboard (player data - hall of leaderboards - global / region / friends - filter for each bike)
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    Great patch! I like the idea of being able to toggle the ghosts off. I don't mind the loading lobby of ghost's, I would love to be able to toggle the HUD settings more. Like getting rid of the top right progression bar or even the time difference at checkpoints. Both of those distract me quite a bit. And I know people love the sound track but I like it on mute. Now I have to see the artist and track name each time I restart a track. A way to toggle that off would be amazing as well. Thanks for the patch!
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    Hi just want to say thank you for making the individual bike leaderboards possible
    I know I will be grinding all those tracks again no problem. Thank you to everyone involved.

    Keep on riding gang

    See you on (all) the leaderboards 😊
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    Has posted this in many other topics but i get never a reply from Ubisoft / Redlynx.
    I think i don't get a reply but i keep post it until i get a reply.

    *** All about private multiplayer ***

    Bug 1:

    The points are not correct for PRIVATE MULTIPLAYER.
    If the first player finished he get 10 points.
    The second player get 8 points.
    It makes no different if the second player is finishing or not.
    It will be much more fun if second player do not finish he get 0 points.
    Now it is not needed to finish within the 30 seconds that the second player has to finish.
    Finish or no finish is both 8 points.


    Can you confirm this is a bug?

    Bug 2: (Finally fixed in this patch, many thanks, so happy with this!)

    Why it is not possible to skip a map in PRIVATE MULTIPLAYER? This is very important!
    Now we have to leave multiplayer and start it again?
    It is a basic future but no one has problems with this missing option.
    Fusion has this option and i don't understand why Rising don't have this.

    Can you confirm this is a bug?

    Bug 3:
    When i add 30+ maps to favorite, in private mp you can only see max 30 maps.

    Bug 4:
    The TC menu is VERY frustrating.
    It is so slow.

    The Fusion menu is perfect, why this new version (Rising) can't get a fast menu?

    Bug 5:
    Lagspikes. It is from the beginning and never fixed. This is very important!

    Bug 6:
    Missing times in private multiplayer. It will be nicer if we can see the times from each other.
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    wish there would be searchfilters in the TC to search for tracks where i dont have a tracktime or to search for tracks i didnt downloaded/played before or a faultsearchfilter, e.G. "1-10 faults" would show tracks with 1-10 faults or ">10 faults" would show tracks with >10 faults
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    So it‘s April and the Singleplayer dosent work since the release. I got no crates with level up.. i lost many items But i had a „you have 10 new items“ but there is nothing. I delete my cloud save game but nothing works. Thats so many bugs! Whats up with you guys? And then you want money for things they can get lost so easy?!!!
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