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    Throttle gradual acceleration

    Good morning, I recently acquired the IL 2 Sturmovik 1946, I was able to configure all the buttons normally using the Thrustmaster T.flight Stick X joystick, however Throttle, when accelerating (the joystick had a built-in accelerator lever) it does not work in a sequential way the power , for example, if I leave the power at 0% and then move the lever to increase the speed, it does not rise gradually, it goes straight to 110%, then I have to use the keyboard for the throttle to evolve little by little (0% 10% to 50% so on).
    My question is, does the game not have this system of gradual evolution of the throttle? Or is it some wrong setting.

    ps: i tested the lever on the xplane 11 and it works normally with gradual acceleration.
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    If you want a quick acceleration then keeping the throttle pinned to the floor will get you to a higher speed quicker than gradual acceleration. Think 0-60 times. But donít go everywhere full throttle as youíll use more fuel and itís pointless to unless itís necessary. Kodi nox
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