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    Looking for friends to do raids with

    Lookling for some friends on here to do some raids with. as of right now im lvl 170. add me Jamesyboyy18
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    Hey there. I would love to try and find a group that has comms and has done the raid before. I am currently a lvl 150 and have been playing more off then on since launch. (a TON of technical issues, etc) But my Div 2 clan who dipped their toes into this all disappeared. So if you can find two others who have done the raid numerous times, bring it on. DM me if you're still looking.
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    im always down too, level 300, have coms. Kevinbackroom
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    Hey lads I’m level 170 desperate to do some raids add me if you like,I’m well over 18 lol ghost-420-72 I’m on everyday uk time zone
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    i have been looking for ages for someone to play raids with. so far i have only been able to get in there by a lame glitch. anywho im currently 250gs i am from Denmark
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    Hi all. We are a couple of players that are also over raid level but have not run it. We run a clan (Impi) that runs multiple games but not soo much Breakpoint. We are looking to grow it and hit up the raid and learn our our way through it. We r a smalish size clan (90ish ppl) but active and chill. We are mostly EU / UK / ZA time zone. If anyone is keen to join us and get into the raid hit me up and i will send the discord link.
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    i would like to do raids to

    I wanna do a raid to but cant find anyone to Play them with
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    I am on level 249, cleared full SPC+all 33 side mission on SOLO, never played any raids so wanna play raid from start to finish, & wanna collect others collectables from GOLEM ISLAND to complete my collectable records as well. need other players, Interested one, add & ping me on play
    My Uplay ID/Gamertag: SM-03
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