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    cars felt like a photo model yesterday, finally after weeks photo op mode is working again. made some fine pics yesterday.
    thanks Ubisoft, took some time, but finally we can enjoy the game again as it should.
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    HI everyone, thank you for getting in contact about the various photo ops issues.

    We have been reporting these issues to the team about the photo ops and various photo issue for sometime now, but we wouldn't have been able to do it without all of your help and patience with this.

    We will continue to monitor the situation, if anybody has any further problems with the photo mode, please keep posting in this thread.

    Thank you!
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    So far its fixed, just 7 months to get it fixed its not that bad right, but at least, not last.... tnx Ubi Team.
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    Hello everyone!

    As we've received no further reports on this thread for a few weeks, and the last posts here advised these issues are resolved, I'll now be locking and unsticking this thread.

    Should further issues occur, don't hesitate to open a new thread to report these to us, and we'll take a closer look and investigate.

    Thank you all again for your help and assistance, and of course your understanding throughout!
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