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    @STR8T BLAZIN, that would be awesome buddy.👌 I think Bigbow will answer your request when he will read this. You can also always do a request in the OTHG we are up and running main thread. ✌😎
    Alright sounds good buddy (I'll probably join eventually after i see what it's all about) Sometimes i get busy with work and don't know if I'd always have time to be able to participate in all events (HLC)
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    Yup, it did. I posted a reply there.
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    All community builders are welcome to build a track for us ( OTHG )

    Any theme you want ( most of the time it's about old folk.... "us" ) but we can

    take it cuz we can still ride the sh*t out of those bikes !

    That's why I'm gonna make another push for getting the TEAMS back !

    They didn't realize it back then but taking the Teams that worked so good in

    Fusion out of Rising was a BIG MISTAKE !

    Hey we pushed for 7+ yrs for leaderboards for bikes & that finally happened

    so we'll work on the Teams next 😉

    Also builders our Anniversary is the whole month of June so you can release

    it anytime during the month..... and I can promise we will grind those tracks

    into the ground...... I think a 20 to 40 second speed-runner is your best but

    again and theme or length is welcome.


    Things have been abit slow over in the OTHG club house compared to past

    years, I hope these builds will get the gang back in the track grinding groove !

    💙 💜 💛 💚 💖 🌎 💖 💚 💛 💜 💙
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    Can (OTHG 8) be at the end or does it need to be at the beginning?
    I think I'll have something kinda fun in about a week or two. Still got a long list of ideas to add into it.
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    Beginning MMM .... Thank you !

    Well we are off with a bang 7 awesome tracks !

    One of our own OTHG builders dropped a 5 track anniversary pack on us.....

    Well that's a first 😆 and a track from IZEZ P. & AM0RPHOUS ✌😎

    So our month long 8the anniversary celebration has begun and I would love

    to invite the whole Trials community to jump on those anniversary tracks and

    have some fun grinding with the gang ✌😎

    What would really be nice is to have a team battle on the leaderboards like

    we had on Fusion !

    It's time UBISOFT !

    We thank-you for the leaderboards for each bike that took 7yrs of screaming

    for that but its here so... THANK-YOU !


    You could do so much with teams.....

    Daily,weekly & even month long challenges !

    It would be a nice way to earn some acorns 😉

    Please think about it... I think it would pump some life back into Trials !





    ☆▪☆▪☆▪☆ OTHG 2012 - 2020 • 8 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ☆▪☆▪☆▪☆
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    I just posted my track - had some serious editor issues going on so i had to repost it (sorry about that)
    Anyways be sure to download OTHG8 X-SuperCross Fixed !
    Hopefully you all enjoy
    If you all like it I might have 1 more later this month !
    I was thinking about making this track harder and throwing some physics in after I change back to Trials Track instead of SuperCross.
    Oh and teams sound great - I never got around to doing that on fusion.
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    You spent a little time fine tuning that one didn't ya Str8t Blazin?
    Nice track, I liked it. What was wrong with the first one? Is it that it wasn't showing riders on the other lanes?
    Also liked Loco Motion from Izez, though it made me cuss more.
    Haven't played the rest yet but looking forward to trying them all.
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    Thanks MMM glad to hear that people are enjoying it - got a couple messages on Xbox also
    Yeah that's why it was reposted !
    It changed from supercross to trials track after I did the pass track before sharing - I didn't chang it the game did (glitched)!
    I was recording a clip during this so i think i still have a copy saved showing what happened with it switching over and also the times glitching while testing (luckily it correct itself when I Shared to Track Central)

    To much fine tuning in my opinion lol I think it's an OCD thing.
    Wanted to hopefully create something appealing for the OTHG !

    Izez and Amorphous tracks were awesome as always -RoyGr 1982 track pack was superb (all around fun tracks
    Ozy Be made a sweet track as well (haven't played it much yet but ill get there)
    So far I'd say this has been a good turn out as far as quality goes - thanks for the new tracks hope to see some more gems
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    I have my track finished now too but there is a lot in it that has to do with chance (it's an OTHG style skill game) so I'm testing and testing and testing some more before uploading. The goal is to get average results from an average "good run".
    Last night tried a "test" - upload "test run" and again the track did not behave or keep score as it does in the editor or in offline mode. Hope they figure those little glitches out soon but it does seem that what you have in the editor is what will end up online and not how the track behaves during uploading. Hope that helps anyone else that runs into this.

    Played a few more last night too...
    "Express" was a nicely laid out track with a good smooth flow to it and some really amazing background scenery. Nice job.
    "Yunxing Redux" had some really nice details in it and also had some really good driving lines and variety of skill level routes. Personally found a little more toward Hard than Med in it's difficulty but that might just be me trying to hit the quick routes.
    Also tried "Doomed" a few times. Really nicely done adventure style track. in fact "Adventure" should be one of the tag options when uploading. That one clearly had some time spent on the aesthetics and really pays off in my opinion.
    And "Snowrunner"... Dang, some really clever conceptual ideas in that one! Should I say that one was "slick". I like the animations including the avalanche. Nice.
    Might be about three I haven't tried yet but, looking forward to those too and they all seem to be quite well done. Makes me nervous about mine now but it's more a funny/fun one than anything else.
    See ya all on the hill.
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    @MadMotoMan, yeah there are a few bangers out already. Thanks for the nice comment mate! I am looking forward to yours.... you don't have to be nervous dude. I played your ice speed runner track and that one was also awesome. Really a great track. I had a blast with that one.
    With every track build you learn a little more. And if you can not think about any decoration, just use a photo or something for reference.
    Thanks again bud! 👊✌❤
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