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    Good advice RoyGr.
    The editor was not letting me add anymore to mine without crashing so it's finished now and online.
    It's a nice relaxing game of Golf. Appropriate for the OTHG I'd guess. In fact, funny enough, you jump over the hill to start off the first hole.
    There were a few ingame difficulties I had a hard time dealing with, like the rider getting stuck in the ground when you hit too fast. But, I tried to compensate for things like that with added features like "Mulligan Bombs" that can help get ya unstuck sometimes. (Saw STR8 BLAZIN get stuck and set one off that blasted him right to the hole yesterday!) Lucky buzzard!
    Like most things, I think some people will like it and some will hate it.
    Read the instructions and tips! It's clear that people who don't have more trouble. Plus look for hidden helpers and shortcuts on some holes.

    Played a few more last night:
    Black Sea - Visually really cool track and really liked the ending cutscene. I like when people take a little extra time after the finish to reward the player.
    Twisted Hunter - My head is still spinning from that one. That had some fun physics / mechanisms in it. Nice.
    Heat - If this is what hell is like, I think I'd be ok there (don't hate me I'm kidding - I've gotta straighten up a bit to get in there) Nicely done though. There's a lot going on in that one.

    So far, all the tracks I've played for OTHG8 I've found really well done. Nice job to everyone.
    I swear 9 out of 10 tracks uploaded to TC aren't very playable (most people just don't want to spend much time on them) so it's amazing the beautiful work everyone has done so far.

    Like I said to the last big fish that got away... Catch ya later.
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    @MadMotoMan, I think your golf skill game is really a hit. I had to try a few times to improve myself haha. I really wouldn't know how to make a skill game myself. never tried actually. I really laughed. also nice secrets that you have incorporated in the track.

    thanks for commenting on my tracks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I'm going to try to make 9 hole in ones later this week. 😋😎

    Thanks a lot for making the skill game 👊✌
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    MMM - lucky buzzard you say (haha)
    Yeah I'd say I've had a (blast) with this one.
    Great Skill Game buddy !
    I passed the first hole just by going over it ( I was like - awesome i made it )
    Then I completely launched over the Giant Snowman on another hole .
    And completely biffed the last hole which killed my time !
    But that's all good I was mainly playing it for the fun of it ! (I ran an Average Run like intended)
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    Thanks guys. I had fun building it. It was meant to be silly and funny. If it fits that, then I'll consider it a success.
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    OTHG8 - 2020 Vision !
    Replays are broke and
    Camera not setting to position after finishing!
    Side Scrolling Camera built to View the outside of the editor!
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