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    Please help... we need tracks for our OTHG 8th anniversary coming in june !

    Hi Trials community builders,

    First I would like to give you all a big thank you from me & the rest of the OTHG

    ( OverTheHillGang ) for all of the incredible builds and keeping our favorite

    arcade game going with new fresh tracks every week ! ✌😎

    Next I'm here again lIke I do every year asking it you would lIke to help us in our

    month long anniversary celebration by building a speed runner or a theme

    track poking fun at our "advanced " ages & if you feel like throwing in a easter

    egg or shout-out that will be even better ☺

    All I can promise our sincere thanks and let you know we we run those

    tracks and your following builds when ever we get a chance !

    You can drop the track anytime in June and are welcome to build anything

    you like.... of course replay factor is a big thing cuz most our group will be

    grinding the heck out of all the tracks for top spot 😉

    We've had many builders over the years help us out and I hope you same

    builders & more can help us out again this year ! 😆

    I know there is so much going on in the world these days that is out of the

    norm & that is exactly why we need some time for fun, laughs & friends 😉

    I`m posting this now so you guys and gals will have plenty of time to work on

    the build and like I've already said any theme is good but the.......

    " old folks of Trials " theme seams to win every year 😅😃😂😁😀

    So thank you all for all you do for the Trials community and I hope you will

    help us out & be a part of our Amazing OTHG 8th Anniversary 😎

    Stay healthy & safe in these crazy times & we'll see you all in for our.......

    ☆▪▪☆▪☆▪☆ OTHG 8th ANNIVERSARY BASH IN JUNE ▪☆▪☆▪☆▪☆

    Please put ( OTHG 8 ) before the track name.... THANK-YOU ! ❤

    If I'm not on your friends list already please add me.......

    XBL GT: BOWEN BOYS 1 08 ( aka: Boss,Bigbow,Dave 😉 )
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    Sounds like fun!
    Wait, did I hear that correctly?
    Oh, nevermind, it's nap time now.
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    Yes us old folks need naps too...thank you MadMotoMan ✌😎

    Wow..... I was counting on a better response but its still early & things

    are tough and very crazy this year..... for all of us !

    That is why we need gaming more than even now so we can go and take a

    few hours off from the real world and have some fun and enjoy our friends

    This gang has really ment alot to me ever since I started the OTHG in 2012

    I had many decades of heath problems and this was one way for me to reach

    out and find some other older Trials nuts in the community and it worked 😆

    Over the years it has become more of a family than a group and we all have

    made tons of new friends and for me some very close amazing friends that

    I will love and respect forever !

    ......and if you are 30 or over please stop in our OTHG part of the site and

    check out what we are all about ! Skill level doesn't matter just as long as

    you love Trials like the rest of us and want to have some FUN 😆

    UBISOFT was kind enough to give us our own section of the site for our

    OTHG CLUB HOUSE in 2015.... and the rest is history 😎🤘

    Like I said In my original post.... it doesn't need to be a big elaborate build...

    just a small short speed runner with any theme you want 😆

    In the past most builders have taken a shot at age.... Hey were not called

    The OverTheHillGang for nothing 😉

    So again please if you have some time to drop a track any time in June......

    It will be greatly appreciated ✌😎

    The community builders have really come through in past helping us

    celebrate our anniversaries.... & with this being our 8th anniversary it's a big

    deal for us & even extra special because we've been screaming for years

    for leaderboards for every bike & now it's here 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    So maybe you can even work that into the build(s) somehow 🤔

    Well I would like to thank you all again for all the amazing builds you've given

    us through-out the years and we would love all of you to be part of our month

    long celebration of our 8th anniversary ( That's alot of years to keep the

    same group together with most of the core original group together 💜 )

    Much love OTHG'stars from the Bossman ❤

    We still have a couple of months and even some of us OTHG riders only

    have been talking about building our first tracks ........ 🤔

    So please come and join us either way.... for our month long 8th anniversary

    & if you can build a track ( hint hint 😉 ) We can promise we will grind that

    baby for all its worth and have a blast doing it !

    Thank you again from the OverTheHillGang for many years of wonderful

    riding and tons of fun ✌😎 See you all in June !

    Please keep healthy and safe everyone

    💜 💛 💚 💙 OTHG #8 💙 💚 💛 💜

    SEE YOU ALL IN JUNE ! Take care and God bless !
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    Fine, i'll make one, lol
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    I'm working on something that might work for this and I could possibly have it done by June. It sort fits the old guy theme.
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    Thanx guys any help will be great !

    If been a tough few months a few of us have lost some loved ones and and

    still dealing with that and the gang after 8yrs has lost abit of its Trials Mojo

    Plus with everything else that's going on in this crazy world we all now live in,

    I think this month long 8th anniversary might help some of us deal with the


    I'm sure some of you track building friends of the gang have noticed a drop

    off with us running your builds.... I can only speak for myself and say I'mean

    sorry but I will also say that any builder in the past that has stepped up and

    built a track for our anniversary.... I promise we will run the hell out of it and

    post vids and screen shots & will try our best and hit any of your future builds

    Thanx again Trials builders you have been very kind to us in the past plus

    have kept the game moving for years with amazing fresh track central builds

    Have a wonderful weekend Trials community and please feel free to drop in

    and help us celebrate big # 8 next month !

    BTW: We are always looking for new older members , by that I mean if you

    are age 30 or over and are looking for some Trials friends come in and check

    out our OTHG section on the UBISOFT site ! All rider levels and builders are

    welcome.... thank you all once again and we ( The OTHG ) look forward to

    blasting down some sweet tracks !

    Deadline: Anytime in June is fine and the theme can be anything you like !

    Most of the time we get the "old folks" theme and that's cool.........

    Cuz most us can still blast 99% of you youngsters away on a speed-running

    track any day 😉 ( See fun stuff like that we can take it & dish it out )

    Enjoy the weekend & keep healthy & safe everyone.... 💜💙💛💖🌎💖💛💙💜
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    This is for anybody right ?
    I got something I've been working on that I might enter.
    Currently not a Member of the OTHG - but I am now old enough to be.
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    @STR8T BLAZIN, that would be awesome buddy.👌 I think Bigbow will answer your request when he will read this. You can also always do a request in the OTHG we are up and running main thread. ✌😎
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    Can put a link to the main thread here? I tried to find it the other day and didn't have any luck.
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    Originally Posted by MadMotoMan Go to original post
    Can put a link to the main thread here? I tried to find it the other day and didn't have any luck.
    Hi MadMotoMan, think this should work mate:
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