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    Friday Event - High Low DNA shards switch


    Been playing the game for about 5 months now and I've been enjoying it so far. As I approach the end game, I'm finding it less interesting to farm DNA shards for legendary heroes in the final memory area.

    Would you consider having a one day a week event (Friday) where high and low drop rates switch? It could be fun.

    Another consideration would be if a user has already maxed out a hero for an event, choose a farmable hero as a replacement option. I've maxed Bayak and a few others - so when their event roles around I would skip it. But I wouldn't if I could get other farmable hero DNA.

    For your consideration.

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    Hey, ragincake! Thanks for the suggestions, glad to hear that you are enjoying ACR! You bring up a good point about Event Heroes, however, players who have maxed out all of their Heroes would run in to a similar issue even if we added farmable Heroes as a replacement. I think its an interesting idea though!
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