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    Assassin's creed Jazz age junkies

    My second ideal Assassin's creed game:
    Would be a get set in the 1920s prohibition era

    The protagonist: The american Assassin in Unity's locked heilx memory, He should be 6"3 and a gangster and Assassin similar to Jacob in a way, but he has master deduction skills equivalent to Batman

    My desired personality for this character: A mix of Jacob and Arno, Basically he would be as snarky as Arno and as Serious as well but he would be as silly as Jacob in the right and also he would be like an American Haytham as well and his cunning would be as deadly as his combat skill

    My desired skill for him: He would master of stealth like Arno and Evie respectively and his combat skill would be like Haytham but more modern

    My desired lineage for him: i would make him either a descendant of Jacob or of Arno

    My weapons of choice for him: Cane sword, Pistol, and hand to hand expert, one hidden blade

    The short version of my story for him: He watched his wife and daughter get gunned down right Infront of him while he was helpless against the criminal Templars of 1920s New York and with this loss he vows to take influence of every borough of America to free it from the Templars hands and to hunt the Templars down who killed his wife and daughter by turning the people of New York against them, his allies in his endeavor would be Earnest Hemingway, Al Capone, John wayne

    I would appreciate it if you take notice of this message Ubisoft
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    Those Helix memories were such a tease!

    Jazz Age Junkies definitely interested me, too. Would love to eventually get something like this.
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    Eh, we’ve already had one game based off gangs. There are a few continents worth of settings I hope they’ll explore first.
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