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    Orochi rework?

    Just feel like he needs his own sparkle that makes him shine. Each character has a strong mechanic revolving into how they play. I don't feel like orochi has that. His ocean wave or whatever is kinda just a move set for him. It's extremely easy to disrupt 100% of the time (just attack when he's in range of you with a light, or time it if you know the range and start up of your heavies) and basing him around his deflects is also a terrible idea. Each assassin has very heavy mix ups. Give orochi mix ups. He has a heavy faint and wave cancel (even if you cancel, just attacking will still hit you because your gaurd is down...you can't Dodge quick enough if the enemy times you)
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    yea well he has almost unreactable light attack chains which make up for him not having unblockable attacks
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    Yeaaaah go above silver combat and his lights are super reactable...and I play on console with most pings being around 30. **** most my parries are on orochi because he's actually that predictable for light spammers.
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    I do agree with you that something is missing about Orochi even if the proposed Testing Ground changes go trough. I hope the developers wont put him aside saying " He's viable enough now ".

    Undoubtedly the 100ms shorter indicators will be a huge deal for him that will make his offense become more consistent and Stormrush into a very threatening tool.
    Despite that, there will still be something missing, something that gives his kit flavour (that isnt a blockable dodge attack).

    My main confusion about his kit comes from his forward and side undodgeable light attacks after the TG changes it will be made so you can dodge in-between two light attacks in a chain
    " Oh so that means Orochi can use these dodge catcher attacks on read in the middle of his chain to punish right? " Wrong, these dodge attacks are only available from neutral or at the end of his chains as recovery cancel.
    Thats confusion number 1, number 2 is why even have undodgeable attacks when you have no tools in your kit to force a dodge reaction out of your opponent?
    Something that cannot be parried like a bash. One could argue here that his light attacks will make the opponents dodge if they want to avoid eating his full light chain, but then again he will be unable to punish them even with the improved hitbox on his side heavies, they are just too slow to catch someone trying to dodge out of your chain.

    The only thing I would change about Orochi is to make him be able to use his dodge attack moves (including the transition into Stormrush stance) in mid-chain similiar to how Zhanhu is able to insert his zone attack or his dodge attacks after his first light or heavy.

    Now my suggestion to you is that when you feint Stormrush it may not appear so but you have 0 recovery, meaning you are able to parry, dodge etc as soon as you cancelled the move so if you'e 100% sure they are gonna try to poke you out, input a dodge attack immediately as you feint your rush to be safe, or risk it and try to go for a parry or the old Stormrush feint into deflect, that usually gets the adrenaline pumping.
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    Orochi's rework that he got awhile back had been given what the devs thought was a decent mix up. I.E dodging back. Since you had no way of knowing if he was going to do his riptide (back light) or his storm rush (back heavy) since the start up to both is basically the same animation wise.

    There are several problems with both moves though. Riptide isn't enhanced. meaning someone can just passively block and make attempting to ever use it pointless. The back dodge part of that attack has dodge frames and not I frames. Meaning externally speaking you can't use it to psudeo infinite combo (via dodge canceling your finisher frames) as you'll just be interrupted most of the time. Riptide also for some reason is still pretty easy to GB out of. (I also believe you can't properly target swap with the move.)

    Storm rush can also be passively blocked. Despite the hidden indicators SR inherently has it's only his default side that's truly unreactable. the opposite side and top attack are both pretty reactable. Meaning you can just block one side and react to the other two. On top of that even if the person doesn't parry any of the options and only blocks you can back dodge after the block to avoid the follow up light. Even if SR was a decent move it still costs too much stamina to use often.

    I understand the general idea they were trying to go with the rework. They just didn't go far enough. In order to make this sort of idea work Riptide and SR would need I frames on their start up. (i'm starting to think that dodges need I frames. or at least back dodges.) Riptide would need to be enhanced and with 100ms vulnerability. Storm rush needs to have both sides be his fastest speed. And cost less stamina to use. And dodge canceling finisher recovery frames should make said dodge attacks enhanced.

    These things would certainly make the rework concept actually be possible in game above average level gameplay. But in my personal opinion it really wouldn't spice up his kit enough to make him well. interesting. He's supposed to be a master of the blade. I had a concept that essentially gave him stance based combat. But one could argue Orochi wouldn't really "be" orochi anymore at that point.
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