After a combined, nearly 600 something hours of heavily enjoyed game play through both AC Origins and AC Odyssey one feature from the latter that I really loved so much and that contributed so highly to my immersion in the world was the simple ability to change the appearance of my gear piece by piece, or toggle the appearance altogether. I would greatly encourage and appreciate this feature to be added in the next oncoming title (which I hope is announced soon!)

This feature, from a role play perspective, is amazing. I was able to have different 'looks' for different occasions, be they infiltration, heavy combat like a conquest or boss battle, or if I knew I'd be out in the wilds or doing the 'casual AC stroll' through a town or city. For me this created a wonderful sense of cultural immersion that I feel should remain going forward. I so far really love the new direction of the franchise!
Be well everyone, and thanks for reading.