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    Are we playing king of the hill or dominion???????

    Its really stupid that a whole team or half of a team can stay on their home zone for the entire game... Not move and still have the same score as the team who have a, b and killing minions. Every game i have been in there has always been a minimum of two players camping no a point the entire game, racking up points for doing nothing! Please take out that stupid mechanic because its sucking the fun out of dominion now.

    Whichever team has secured the most zones should be getting the points and not the team with only one! Damn ubisoft if its not light spam or unnecessary hyper armour thats making this game suck its the boring *** players that get rewarded for doing nothing the entire dominion match.

    Fix it please..
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    In case you are wondering why is it this way: they are doing something, they are boosting a zone. You are the ones doing nothing about it, you should capture or at least contest the zone.

    If two players are boosting the zone, then does that mean the other two at the same time are wrecking your entire team? Or how are you losing? Because if you keep boosting your own zone and at the same time control mid, you easily get twice the points they get.

    Instead of complaining about everything, I recommend to learn a little about the game first.
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    How many can boost one zone?
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    jokeman lol, in every other game capturing a zone is capturing a zone, not camping on the zone as 3 jorms or shigokis..... I have been o the same since beta and no one played it this way so check yourself little boy
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    Let's do a little math!

    3 jorms sitting on the zone. They earn 2 point/second. Since I assume their team is composed of 4 players, the fourth one is probably spending most of his time dead, waiting for respawn. Which leaves you with one zone, which, if boosted by one player, earns you the same 2 points/second. If someone clears minions in your team, and manages to kill 1 every second, that is 2 additional points/second. You literally earn double points, they should go breaking well before they have even 600 pojnts. You will likely have your feats before they have theirs too, so after that, smoking them out from their zone shouldn't be hard.d

    So, unless your team is made up from idiots who think they can take on three heavies in their home zone the same time and keep running up to them and dying, this strategy is very flawed. I have never seen more than one player boosting a zone, the only exception is when a team is breaking, and they group up to hold their last zone.
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    You are right, and thats what is stupid because every team I play with try to fight the 3 shigokis on the point and they do this throughout the entire game! lol I am always the one to never encounter the campers because its stupid, but the ps4 For Honor players are so stupid is unreal
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    Yes, and that is a sad part of every team based games. I hate to lose because of others in every game, especially if you know that if they could be assigned even minimal task like "keep yourself alive against a single opponent here for 20 seconds without leaving this zone", you could have the game. Sadly, that has no other counter, but playing with people you trust to have your back. Single queue have the potential to get you really noob team mates.
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