Hello, I would like to speak to Bunny. I apologize in advance because I don't speak fluent English.
I encounter a real problem in the game concerning helix flaw events, I expose it and I really hope to have an answer:
I have recently been level 50, so my progress in the game is that of a level 50, except that in the multiplayer ranking I have to face level 50 but which have an advance in the game much more distant than me. If the level was capped higher, maybe they would be level 100, or 200, or more. Their characters are much more graded and of a much higher level.
Now that I have arrived in the level 50 ranking, I can do my best, I will only win very few rewards, I will be at the end of the ranking. Whereas I won awards much more easily before, whether at brotherhood level 45, or 30, or even lower. I earn a lot less codex, less DNA, and I can't even imagine earning a scarce resource, when before I could. Do you find this normal? While I need to win all of this to progress in the game. I feel like I'm at an impasse, I don't see a solution. I need grade 5 characters, with a high level and powerful weapons, to be able to compete with others. But I cannot win this in the multiplayer ranking because I am too weak.
I repeat it was much easier for me to progress before being level 50, do you find that normal ?!
Especially since the first players who discovered the game had to progress faster because the competition was much more balanced.
Your system does not encourage new players at all, it is harmful. There should be a way to make leagues with players of a balanced level, by a system of annex level, or then greatly increased the rewards for the classification level 50, especially for those which are in bottom.