I see a lot of tracks in TC that are either meant to be temporary tests, or that are outdated due to revised versions being uploaded.
I know there are some technical reasons that currently don't allow users to deleted their old tracks or versions and I'm wondering...
What would it take to improve on that system and reduce some of the TC clutter?

One problem I recently found when I updated a track is that the old (not fun) version is still trending, so it is the one people see first and play instead of the vastly improved version. Then, when people see the good one, they think they've already played it and thus never see the better version.
I have actually uploaded two tracks now by accident (never intended to share) and one that was an improved and fixed version. I think I've uploaded like nine tracks so far and of those would love to delete three of them. (two were working/editing versions)

Ideas for solutions:
A simple solution that might be nice is, if you could tag a track as an updated version so when someone tries to play the old version, a popup will inform the user and ask if they want to play the new one instead.

Or, have a button to request (by the author only) a moderator to remove the track altogether and if it still exists on a players system, the player will be notified that the leaderboard no longer exists for that particular track. Or like "Track Removed by Author" message.

Even simply letting a track author tag their track as "Outdated" would be useful.

Any suggestions or feedback from players or moderators are welcome on this topic. I think this issue needs a solution.